Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band is the only Grammy Award winning band that you've heard of that features a violinist. He's jacked and could kick your ass though, so don't make fun of him for it.

Segregation:  Making Jam bands possible since 1845...see because the black guys are on the left.

Just The Facts

  1. Dave Matthews band is an American jam band formed in Virginia in 1991.
  2. They have released 7 studio albums, 24 live albums, 2 compilation albums, 1 extended play album, 25 singles, and 7 video albums, most of which have been bought by white college girls using Daddy's money.
  3. If you've ever smoked pot, odds are you own at least half of these albums.

The Beginning

When the calendar rolled over from 1989 to 1990 it signified a time for change in the world. The music scene was going to shift soon and if a lawyer from Charlottesville, Virginia had anything to say about it, his bartender would be at the forefront of that shift. Most bartenders would pass this off as drunken ramblings of a man who's going to go home and masturbate while watching his menstruating cat seduce the ball point pen she's knocked off of a table. Unfortunately for us, his bartender was Dave Matthews, future guitar player and singer for The Dave Matthews Band (how he didnt see that one coming is beyond me). Dave got together with some local musicians and began to play music that would bring together lazy, semi-social, pot smokers, college girls, and soccer moms. They spent years practicing and honing their sound with plans to take the world on and destroy 80's hair Metal. Sadly, Nirvana had beaten them to the punch by foregoing the whole process of practicing and getting good.

Dave was joined by drummer Carter Beauford, bassist Steffan Lessard, saxophonist LeRoi Moore, violinist Boyd Tinsley, and keyboardist/harmonicator (best word that could be used to describe anyone defined by their abilities with the useless piece of shit known as the harmonica) Peter Griesar. They recorded their first song, Tripping Billies, a jaunty jam that's either about hillbillies tripping on acid or a certain clumsy blue Power Ranger. Soon they drew the attention of people who think that going from a deep angry baritone to a squeaky high pitched squeal in a matter of milliseconds is great singing and should be rewarded with transcontinental tours. Thanks tone deaf Virginians.

As the bands popularity grew and they began touring, Peter Griesar grew disinterested, presumably because he doesnt like money or free sex. Griesar decided to leave the band to pursue larger endeavors, like guaranteeing that he'd never amount to anything and punching himself, repeatedly, in the dick for being a cosmic level moron. Once that dumbass was gone, they recorded their first album, entitled Remember Two Things. Less than a year later they recorded their first live album (technically true because only 8 of the 10 songs on their first record weren't recorded in a studio). As a tribute to Dave's idol, Jimi Hendrix, this album included the band's first recording of Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower, which makes perfect sense.

The Least Extreme Biggest Thing of The 90s and Beyond

From late 1994 though 1999, Dave Matthews Band released a number of albums and saw unprecedented amounts of commercial success with a number of hits. They became known as much for their poppy, eclectic beats and unsolicited, unchecked jam band-iness as their penchant for their sociopolitical commentary through song, like Rage Against The Machine without the anarchy or white guy with dreadlocks, thankfully. They did manage to fill their popular band cliche cache by having people from bands their fans don't listen to guest star on their albums (John Popper, Alanis Morrissette, and Carlos Santana), participating in Woodstock '99, dumping 80 pounds of human shit on the people of Chicago, and making music videos starring celebrities like Julia Roberts.

In 2001, the song "Crash Into Me" ,which detailed the efforts of a peeping tom, managed to end up on Clear Channel's list of songs with "questionable lyrics" following the attacks on September 11th, this occurred because the people at Clear Channel had the interpretive skills of julienne-cut beaver shit and thought the song was about a terrorist asking a woman to hike up her skirt a little more so they could...i dont know...fly a plane into her!! (Dear lord, I may have just inadvertently given Uwe Boll an idea for a movie...FUCK!)

Then some of them did solo albums and mocked the others for their lack of pretentiousness. Then they made more albums and added a trumpeter named Rashawn Ross to the band as a full time tourning member but still didn't let him in the cool band photos. They also made longtime friend and electric guitar player, Tim Reynolds follow them around and play on stage with them while still not considering him a part of the band either, like Chunk from The Goonies. Just look at this picture of him...

Like a creepy, German, Palpatine in a wig, Chunk.

On June 30th 2008, saxophonist, LeRoi Moore was in an ATV accident and died of complications in August. DMB was saddened by the loss but played through it to honor his legacy. Jeff Coffin, of the ineptly named Bela Fleck and The Flecktones (Which, surprisingly, did not make this list: The 25 Most Ridiculous Band Names in Rock History, agreed to fill in for Moore for the rest of the tour.

In June of 2009, they released their latest album, the unfortunately titled Big Whiskey and The Groogrux King and planned a summer tour to explain exactly what the hell that album name means. They may also play some music.


Dave Matthews Band has won 2 Grammy Awards out of 13 nominations. Fail. They've been nominated for 6 MTV Video Music Awards and lost them all. Fail. They've won all four of the VH1 Music Awards they've been nominated for. Uber-fail.

They also won a NAACP Chairman's Award in 2004 making Steffan Lessard the first white guy to win the award (Dave Matthews is technically South African, which is a color, if you don't think so then you're a racist).

DMB has been notorious in the past for allowing their fans to record their music during live performances and permitting not-for-profit trading, this earned them the greatest award a band can achieve, the coveted We Made Lars Ulrich's Head Explode Achievement Award for Making Lars Ulrich's Head Explode and Delivering Humanity From His Cruel Dutch Oppression (or The WMLUHEAAFMLUHEADHFHCDO-ey for short).