The TSA control what can fly and what can't. Unfortunately, they're a tad retarded with regards to what can actually kill.

Pictured: Logic.

Just The Facts

  1. The TSA, or the Transportation Security Agency, is intended to keep us safe on planes from terrorist attacks.
  2. Despite their rules becoming more stringent over the years, we have had three airplane terrorist attacks, all of which laughably haphazard, passed through security, and were subdued by passengers.
  3. They, in fact, exist for the sole purpose of making the lives of average fliers miserable for no reason.

What are they thinking?

The idea is that making average fliers more miserable will somehow protect them from terrorist attacks. Such restrictions include not being able to read books, having to have special bags for laptops, not being allowed more than 3.4 oz of any fluid (such as shampoo, juice, hair gel, milk), not having sippy cups or bottles with beverages for children, not being able to bring a wrapped-present to your aunt in England, not carrying snowglobes, and increased discrimination if you have darker skin.

You can, however, bring various types of weapons. Just ask The TSA themselves.

Well, that doesn't sound so bad...

So, are we any safer?