An American Rock Band formed by 2005 American Idol Finalist Chris Daughtry. They are totally not Nickelback

Here We see not Nickelback

Here we see not Nickelback agai-... oh no wait that is Nickelback

David Blaine's stunt double

Just The Facts

  1. They released a self-titled album in 2006, and that shit hit the fan. 6.1 million albums sold worldwide
  2. They released their second album, Leave This Town, in 2009. eh
  3. Comprised of Chris Daughtry, and four other decent musicians that are forbidden from being as noticable as Chris

That Whole Nickelback Comment...

Well, lets say you are looking for a song with some simple lyrics, nice riffs, buildup, and echoey loud voice. You have Nickelback, Daughtry, and an assortment of 90s bands. But in all honesty, just buy one song:

Here is the formula for any song by them:

Congratulations, you fucking douche. You rich, succesful, fucking douche...

Anyway, when people started to realize that smart people did not like Nickelback, they backed off and joined the rally. This either got them laid or got them friends. Or just a handjob. Then Daughtry came along, and undercover Nickelback fans jizzed themselves as they felt the warm comfortable feeling of intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus once again.