Pop Vs Metal

Pop is one of the most widely listened to genres of the world, while metal dominates most of Scandinavia. For the fun of it, let's see the obvious differences between these genres and poke some fun at them, shall we?

Lady Gaga Kills Kermit the Frog's Family. Pop: 0 - Metal: 1

Slipknot Tries to be Hardcore and Fails. Pop: 1 - Metal: 1

Justin Bieber Makes Pedaphilia Okay for Females. Pop: 1 - Metal: 2

Just The Facts

  1. Pop musicians will do just about anything for attention - in all the wrong ways. For example: Britney shaving her hair and being an irresponsible adult, Lady Gaga dressing like a freak and causing every other pop princess to imitate her.
  2. All good metal musicians originate from Finland and most of Europe/Scandinavia. This fact is disputed. Those disputing are wrong.
  3. Pop music is pointless and generic to metal fans.
  4. Metal music is simply frightening noise to pop fans.
  5. Ironically, pop is encouraging worse behaviour than metal does.
  6. Pop: 1 - Metal: 2

The Genres

Pop music pretty much has the same sound no matter what song you are listening to, depending on the artist, so it's no surprise to anyone that there aren't any noteworthy subgenres to pop music. It's pretty much divided up into:

  • One Hit Wonders
  • Trying to Make a Comeback
  • Famous for all the Wrong Reasons
  • Legends that Other Musicians Try to Be aka Michael Jackson

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Lately though, the trend isn't to become a legend. It's simply to copy the most popular musician, which, at the moment, also happens to be the weirdest.

Exhibit A - Poses

Exhibit B - Stupid Glasses

...and yes, that is Rihanna.

Metal music, on the other hand, has more genres than it probably needs, due to the surprising amount of diversity within the music presented by different bands. Many people who dislike metal seem to believe that it's all the same; that is to say, that it's just very loud noise with a ton of animalistic growling. While this is true for some metal -

- it is certainly not the case for all metal. There has been a recent explosion of female fronted bands such as Nightwish, Delain, ReVamp, Within Temptation, Lunatica, Epica, etc. Of course, Sonata Arctica is an all male metal band and they fit within the subgenre of power metal, which is also home to Dragonforce. Some metal bands even experiment with other genres of music to try and produce new sounds. Such as:

Nightwish - A gospel choir at the end of Meadows of Heaven

PAIN - Clouds of Ecstasy {most dancy metal song around}

Children of Bodom - Clash of the Booze Brothers has the use of keyboards, which is very odd in that subgenre of metal {though, they use keyboards in every song}

Pop gets two points because Chris Brown and Britney Spears are smart enough to imitate MJ's style, however, they lose a point due to lack of originality.

Pop: 2 - Metal: 2

The Fashion

This section is best summed up in images.

Pop Music:

The Good

The Bad

And the downright, WTF?!

Yeah, Lady Gaga gets mentioned twice. Get over it.

Metal Music:

The Good

The Bad

And, of course, the try hards

Contrary to popular belief, corpse paint, spikes and pulling a "scary" face doesn't make you more awesome. It just makes you look stupid and pointy.

The key factors to most metal "looks" is:

  • Eyeliner {and lots of it} - also includes eyeshadow, etc for the extra shadow eyed look.
  • Black clothes
  • Band shirts
  • Long hair or bald
  • Tattoos and piercings
  • Using the horns aka \m/ in every photo taken of you.

Like this, only less awesome.

And seeing as Lady Gaga will always destroy the fashion of pop with her weird ass ideas, metal wins this round.

Pop: 2 - Metal: 3

The Lyrics

Okay, we only need two examples for this. And yes, because I like picking on I believe Lady Gaga is really bad for the mainstream industry, I'll use her again.

Taken from Love Game - Lady Gaga

"Let's have some fun.
This beat is sick.
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick."

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the heck she is singing about. Clever, yes. Meaningful, no.

And now for the defense for metal music.

Taken from Eva - Nightwish

"Eva flies away.
Dreams the world far away.
In this cruel children's game
There's no friend to call her name.

Eva sails away.
Dreams the world far away.
The good in her
Will be my sunflower field."

This is a much deeper song than the majority of pop songs and it takes real digging to understand what the song means.

It's not about this Eva.

And it's not about this Eva either.

God dammit! It's not about this Eva either!

In fact, it's not about any Eva you'd know at all. In a nutshell, it's about a little girl who is bullied at school and is very lonely. It's a very sad song and obviously, it's got nothing to do with being sexy or trying to sing about sex or sell or sex or anything stupid like that.

So as far as lyrics go, pop is not known for lyrics that are beautiful and meaningful - it's known for being raunchy, catchy and constantly rhyming so people can actually remember the songs and hum them at the most random moments. Metal, however, doesn't always have rhyming lyrics, if at all, because the majority of the time a story is being told {whether made up or relating entirely to feelings and/or experiences had by the writer}. Sometimes the lyrics are controversial, sometimes they are completely mythological, or relating to deep emotional memories retold. Due to this, metal gains a point and the standing is Pop: 2 - Metal: 4

Where the Hell does that put P!nk then?

So In Conclusion

Metal wins. Why? Simple. Metal musicians know that they don't have to write songs about about sex and how utterly heartbroken they are now that their fifth significant other has left them - they only need to write about themselves and metal fans will flock to them. Surprisingly, metal is also an amazing outlet for emotions, even if you aren't the one performing the song, which is one of the many reasons why metal has such a {surprisingly} huge amount of support worldwide.

To those of you jumping up and down in your seat, stamping your foot and glaring at the screen, saying "Pop should have won because metal sucks! I hate it!" here is all I have to say to you.

"Ever since I was 12 years old, I had to defend my love for heavy metal against those who say it's a less valid form of music. My answer now is that you either feel it or you don't. If metal doesn't give you that overwhelming surge of power that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, you might never get it, and you know what? That's okay. Because judging by the 40,000 metalheads around me, we're doing just fine without you." - Sam Dunn, anthropologist and filmmaker, at a metal festival - Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.