Bruce Lee's Nunchucks

If you don't know what fucking Nunchucks are they resemble this shitty emote I just made up: -~- (NOT PROPORTIONAL) Also when used as a weapon they FUCKING hurt. They are not just round and OMG it makes me cringe... funny bone anyone?

Injury waiting to happen.

Avvid 'chucker.

Bruce Lee never won any motherfucking GOLD MEDALS!

Just The Facts

  1. If you're reading this past 11pm, Bruce could 'chuck up your face, easily.
  2. If they had slow-motion cameras like we do now I'd be watching the impact videos all fucking night.
  3. 20% Pain for the weilder of the weapon. 80% For the Enemy. (Unless you're Bruce and it's more like 374% Pain.

Didn't see it coming? Neither did the cameras.

Enter the Dragon really shows what Lee can do with "two fucking sticks and a chain x 2"!!

He proceeds to annihilate the awake out of a few villians with ease easier than a pack of rabid zombies. That's right... if he was alive, Lee would be ass-fucking zombies with nunchucks.

He's in obvious pain from the Lee induced chuck enima.

The last time I saw a Bruce Lee movie, I was pretty wasted at a party and I woke up in a yellow jumpsuit in a dumpster next to a sushi-bar with a black eye and a headache.

Anyway, nunchucks are pretty fun to play with if you can tolerate self-inflicted pain. So, if you like S&M or self-sabotage, then you might give 'chuckin a try!

If I can do it, you can do it!

DISCLAIMER: You listen to an internet article, you might get fucking hurt. -~-