Daredevil is a Marvel Comics superhero. The alter ego of attorney Matt Murdock, he is popularly known for being blind and playing 'Tina' to his opponents 'Ike'.

Daredevil uses his unique methods to fight crime.

Just The Facts

  1. Daredevil was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett.
  2. Daredevil is blind; all of his remaining senses have been raised to a superhuman level.
  3. He uses his costumed persona to manipulate the results of his alter egos court cases. This makes him a hero somehow.
  4. His life makes Ziggy's look like Justin Timberlake's.


if he knew what he was in for he'd be jumping the other way.

Daredevil is a Marvel Comics character that first appeared in a self titled magazine wearing a yellow body stocking underneath a black collegiate wrestling suit wielding a cane, a hint at his blindness. Originally the cover was also going to depict the hero carrying a banner that read 'ask me about not being able to see' alongside a seeing eye dog, but the creators felt this lacked subtlety. He gained his uncanny senses and radar powers by pushing an old man from out of the path of one of the many trucks full of toxic waste being driven through New York in broad daylight at the time, cruelly depriving the octogenarian from gaining super human abilities. After his boxer father refuses to throw a fight he is murdered by gangsters; young Matt dons a costume and avenges his fallen dad by battering the men with a billy club and causing their leader to die of a heart attack. Keen on this new definition of justice he's created Matt decides to continue on with his costumed identity and calls himself Daredevil after a childhood nickname (strangely, none of the people who called him this put two and two together). A costume change to the now familiar single tone crimson garb soon followed and the Man without Fear was born.

Publication History

Daredevil was an unremarkable Spiderman clone for most of the early days of his series, quipping as he battled a cast of crooks and villains. His enemies were highlighted by such luminaries as Stilt-Man, a crook who wore a suit with telescopic legs which would theoretically make him the Muhammad Ali of peeping toms, and the Owl, a fat old man with hollow bones who somehow managed to avoid collapsing into a shrieking heap of splintered bone and blubber to become a super villain.

"I'm gonna use these huge legs to.... to... I guess I didn't think this through."

In 1979 a young Frank Miller became the artist of the series and soon after assumed the writing chores. Miller dramatically changed the book and the character, largely by introducing an estranged ex girlfriend turned assassin named Elektra, worthwhile opponents in the form of Bullseye and the Kingpin, and more ninjas than head lice in a homeless shelter. Miller also introduced the other most enduring trait of the character: his ability to be dealt catastrophic defeats at the hands of his enemies. In Millers hands Daredevil had his dearest love, Elektra, die in his arms after having her throat slashed and a sai run through her heart by Bullseye. He was shot by the Punisher, and had his identity revealed to the Kingpin by another love interest and current porn star, Karen Page, in exchange for heroin. The Kingpin had Matt disbarred, seized his accounts, blew up his home, beat him half to death, and brought him to the razors edge of sanity. Daredevil rose to action and had the Kingpin investigated by the authorities creating an inconvenience so fierce his enemy was persuaded to take a short vacation while the heat died down. Creators that followed Miller on the book took note of this unique direction for a super hero, and enjoyed the challenge of creating their own cruel and sadistic storylines.

Elektra pulls the classic "Mutilate a Blind Man with a Bear Trap" gag.

After losing its direction by returning to its light-hearted roots the series was rebooted in the late 1990's. Filmmaker Kevin Smith ushered in the new era with a storyline that used second-rate Spider-Man villain Mysterio as its antagonist; over the course of the story Bullseye again throttles Daredevil and murders the books longest running love interest, Karen Page, by ramming Daredevils own billy club into her chest while the hero helplessly watched. This would make Bullseye the most effective super villain of all time if he weren't battling a hero that would come up short fighting Elmer Fudd.

"Matt... cough... I'm sorry I sold your identiy to your enemies for drugs and ruined your life and maybe gave you HIV..."

"Hush it's okay, this thing happens to me all the-- wait, HIV what?"

Creators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev assumed control of the book not long after Smith left. During their run, Daredevils secret identity was revealed to the world by a corrupt FBI agent. Though he tried his best to deny it, Murdock eventually found himself again disbarred and ultimately imprisoned, shortly after enjoying his second nervous breakdown and eloping with a woman he barely knew. Following this historic run writer Ed Brubaker and artist Michael Lark came on board. During their tenure Mister Fear, an old adversary, returned and drove Matt's wife irreversibly insane. She now resides in a care facility and Daredevil is embroiled in a legal battle with her parents for control over her care while he cheats on her with an employee.

No one is certain what great adventures lay ahead for our hero, but it's safe to say that, they'll likely involve crushing defeat, emotional devastation, an iron lung, and a mass grave full of slaughtered loved ones. Just another day in the office for the everlovin' Man without Fear!

what on Earth could he be complaining about... Oh. Right.


Daredevil is blind, which makes him the hero least likely to be accused of racial profiling and the most likely to file police reports consisting entirely of smells. All of Daredevils senses have been raised to a superhuman level. Except sight, of course, but who needs that one. He is also gifted with a radar sense, which effectively makes him a humanoid dolphin in a unitard that can smell rats fucking.

even the guy from Sugar Ray is an asshole to ol' Horn Head.

In Film

Daredevil appeared in "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk", a 1989 made for TV movie. While largely faithful to the comic, one notable change was that, rather than his familiar red costume, he instead wore a black ninja outfit with the mask on upside down. Whether this was a conscious design decision or a cruel joke is unsure.

In 2003 a feature film was made with Ben Affleck playing the lead role. It's also notable for turning the Elektra from Greek to Caucasian, the Bronx born Bullseye into an Irishman, and the Caucasian Kingpin into Marcellus Wallace.