FourSquare is a social networking service that let's people know what crazy shenanigans you're up to, and also when it's alright to burgle your house.

Just The Facts

  1. FourSquare is the latest in social networking.
  2. It allows you to explore the world around you and tell everyone what you're doing at the same time.
  3. Better get some deadbolts for your doors.

The Premise

FourSquare is a social networking tool that allows you to become familiar with the place in which you live. Users can "check-in" to different locales. For every place you check in to, you're awarded points. No one knows what the points are for. Additionally, this is as close as the application gets to the actual game of four square:

"Hold up dude, I need to check in to the Dean Road Elementary School parking lot."

If you check in to a single location enough, you become the mayor of that location. Like the points, no one knows what the benefit of becoming the mayor is outside of letting people know what an incredible drunk you are. Also, you don't get a nifty tophat or bi-focals.

You're a lucky man, Mayor McCheese.

Additionally, checking in a certain amount of times or at different times of the day or in any other different kind of situations will get you neat badges. Like the points and mayorships, no one knows what these are four.

What the fuck is FourSquare good for again?

The Downfall

Some unsavory and entrepernuerial folks have taken it upon themselves to index all the check-ins into various websites so total strangers will know when you are away from your place of residency.

You just had to keep using FourSquare didn't you? Poor Dominator the Snugglelicious.

Of course, no one thought this was much of a threat initially because, you know, you were only sharing the info with your friends. It's likely that no one thought up the concept of documenting when people were out until someone said, "Screw FourSquare, I don't want people to know when it's cool to straight rob me." Voila, a stupid panic is created, along with websites every burglar keeps handy on their iPhone (right next to their FourSquare app).


If you are a regular user of FourSquare, investing in deadbolts is probably a good idea.

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