SnowFlame is the man powered by cocaine!

SnowFlame-The true messiah of our time.

SnowFlame's nemeses

Just The Facts

  1. SnowFlame starts out as just a cokehead, but then snorts coke to become a super-strong, super firey cokehead.
  2. SnowFlame's cokieness is so powerful that he gives other people contact highs. From his cocaine.
  3. SnowFlame is possibly the greatest supervillain of all time. Arguably. Maybe.

The Tale of SnowFlame

SnowFlame, originally appeared in New Guardians #2 (1988). This short lived comic was created as an attempt to showcase new heroes, and put them in "real" and "edgy" situations. Apparently, it's realistic to have a monster bite the team and immediately give them HIV. But what do I know, right?

Anyway, in issue 2, when the team goes to South America, in order to follow a lead on finding who gave them AIDS, they find something unexpected. This thing is SnowFlame, the man powered by cocaine! SnowFlame looks like David Carradine if he decided to wear a WWE version of Santa's clothes.

After defeating the New Guardians several times, SnowFlame sadly died in his debut issue. The cause of death? Being thrown into a CHEMICAL SHED RIGHT BY HIS POOL. To be fair, he was probably high at the time of construction.

RIP SnowFlame, we all miss ya.