bounce house

A bounce house is an incredible invention. It allows people to feel weightless and jump up and down. It's the highlight of every fun fair.

An awesome bounce house. Even a cynic could not resist this.

Just The Facts

  1. Bounce Houses are also known as Moon Bounces
  2. John Scurlock invented them in Louisiana in 1959. They're 51 fucking years old!
  3. Bounce houses are pretty fucking dangerous. Burns, deflation, and suffaction are they're forte.
  4. You can actually rent a bounce house. A big one. I know how I'm celebrating 4th of July!

Why They Rock

Bouncing is fun. Even as a little kid, you fucking loved bouncing. It was the shit. You did it on balloons, you did it on the couch, you did it on the bed (bounce, that is... heh.)

So naturally, a giant inflatable plastic structure that gets overheated and painful would be awesome! AND IT IS!

Bounce houses are inexplicably great. And if you've never been in one, go to one now before it is too late. There are entire party places filled with them! So what, you'll be the only person over 9 besides parents? So what, a representative will come accuse you of being a pedophile? You get to fucking bounce, and that's what matters!