Your dad did it, then you might have tried it, you see it movies sometimes, old people think it's dangerous, there are all different styles and you damage your body everytime you attempt it. It's drugs without the awesome chemical reactions.

A sport where bailing is sometimes more impressive then the trick being attempted

this kid's got WAY more balls then you

Just The Facts

  1. Even though Tony Hawk is rapidly catching up to Final Fantasy in the video game sequel department, Rodney Mullen is the true father of modern street skateing
  2. you can also thank those Lordtown kids (whatever that movie with Heath Ledger)
  3. Anyone that started skateboarding after 1985 did so because of Marty Mcfly in hopes that they were really training for hoverboards
  4. ...I'm still waiting for my hoverboard

The Aura Gins

This famous (then not so famous, then famous again) hobby is brought to you in part by surfers in the 70's. They decided to strap some roller skate wheels to a 2X4 and see if the sidewalk felt like water.

I guess I'm wet, so that part is similar...

Skateboarding was once doomed to the same obscurity as the Wiggle Bus. That is until the perpetual anachronism of Mitch Hedberg came along and invented the urethane wheel(He then went on to road manage The Eagles and eventually retired to Wisconsin to wait on Topher Grace). This new matieral enabled skateboarding to be something more than an activity where you fall on your face constantly.

Although, this is still widely popular.

OK we get it, you fall alot

So of course the beginings were a little rough but we've come a long way right? well...

At one time you actually needed skill in order to be famous.

Between contests and companies sponsoring the best of the best it was an intense industry with everyone fighting for the top. Now there is Youtube and reality shows changing everything and this is no different in the skateboarding world.


the facts of life

It was once known mainly for being an underground activity for rebels/punks/burn-outs, but slowly over time (like everything else) became exploited. It wasn't an ongoing contest of skill and dedication but simply who was best at advertising themselves...

This guy...

this guy...

Okay, okay, you can't say everyone "sold out" because let's face it: they are talented AND getting paid to do exactly what they would be doing anyway so how can you blame them?

Well I guess besides the fact that it no longer means anything if you go pro...

Google image search for "pro skater"

It's not like skateboarding had a very good rep before but now with all of this it is just taken to a whole new level

that dog. also that pony. also when Big tries to skate.

Do some of your fliparoos on your wheelyboard thingy

Thanks to things like Rocket Power, Commercials, and people's lack of even learning one single piece of terminology us skateboarders are left being asked to do "goofy footed double fakie ollie grinds"

Thanks Alyssa Milano!

let's try it

Ollie = using the tail of the board you kick back and lift the front wheels off the ground, jump up and bring your back foot up with you, slide your front foot up the board thus bringing the back wheels off the ground and leveling out the board in the air, striaghten out both legs and land.

Double Fakie Ollie Grind = NOT A REAL THING.

Rodney Mullen invented every trick you could ever think of (and some you couldn't)

Yeah you've probably never heard of him because the general knowledge of skateboarding is the 2 second clip in the opening for Viva La Bam or from renting one of Tony Hawk's 10 (yup ten) different video games.

I own you

oh did i mention the clothing line, board companies, and the straight up crazy shit they sell?

Basically if this were the music world Tony would be the Mike Love touring with the Beach Boys making sure he got every cent out of the music industry he possibly could. While Rodney would be the Brian Wilson back in the studio making every inch of awesome he could and asking only to continue to create.

"I think I'll ride the board like this."

"But Rodney, you can't--oh ok!"

But instead of being bat shit insane Mullen is just a shy easy going nerd that loves physics and wants to flip his wheelyboard around

You're gonna break your neck!

You hear this from your grandmother as you walk out the door with your board but now a days she's not far off...

With guys like Bob Burnquist and Danny Way out there reinventing skating to a point of circus-ry with the inventions of the Mega Ramp and the Loop (with gap)

Oakley said they would pay for my hospital bills!

The sport has always been about one upping each other and looking for the next big thing to impress the popular realm of skating but it just seems like there is no room to move forward, well I mean without including a jet pack, some lighter fluid, a few elephants, and some semi-automatic weapons (*sigh* i miss the circus)

No mom, I'll be fine. Look I'm on TV!

So is Skateboarding cool or not!?

Right now? No, not really...

The sport has been on the decline for quite a while now and even with all the endorsements and ridiculous ads skateboarding will probably never be what it once was. I'm sure there are still some "sponser me" tapes floating around but honestly people will probably never care that you can do a switch inward heel down a 15 set. They will always really just want to see you fall down.