5 Sports Franchises That (Always) Dissapoint Their Fans

If you live in a big city, chances are you have a sports franchise in the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB. And they always disappoint you.

I feel your pain.

I totally feel your pain

Just The Facts

  1. Almost every major American city has a sports franchise
  2. Almost every major American city has a sports franchise that disappoints every single year
  3. Did you notice that I spelled the title wrong?! I am such an idiat!

What is disappointment?

It is hard to describe disappointment (unless you're a Cubs fan) but if I was to give it a description, I'd go with A moment where you feel let down and the world seems like the cruelest place in the world. Again, that's just me. Many things can disappoint people but odds are, if something does disappoint you, it is you're local sports team. There have been some real stinkers and some teams that are just so good but they just don't do anything when it counts. From teams that perform poorly to teams that are dominant in the regular season but suck in the playoffs (I'm looking at you Mavs fans) the following teams have infuriated (or continue to infuriate) their loyal fans:

#5. Los Angeles Clippers

It is surprising to me why the city of Los Angeles has another NBA franchise. Seriously, why do they have two? Someone help me out here!

Ah, that's why!

Ah yes.

But where the Lakers accel, the Clippers fall on their face. The Clippers have been relocated twice (Buffalo to San Diego to Los Angeles) and have made the NBA playoffs only three times. However, in 2006, the Clippers finally looked like they were going to go deep when they beat the Denver Nuggets. They advanced to the Western Conference semi-final for the first time ever. They then fought tooth and nail against the Pheonix Suns only to lose in 7 games. As loyal fans recall, they have been shit ever since. Blake Griffin was a shining light but promptly got injured about 5 games into the season. I don't even know why I am rambling on since virtually no one in Los Angeles is a Clippers' fan.

Although I am considering it...

Although I am considering it...

#4. USA Basketball

Thought you were safe America? Think again.

Oh yeah, I went there.

Oh yeah, I went there.

The United States of America has won sixteen Gold medals in basketball at the Olympics. America doesn't fuck around when it comes to basketball. They want you, nay, the WHOLE world to know it's their game. And if someone beats the US at basketball, American sports fans are usually disappointed.



See that picture up there with the Soviets celebrating on a basketball court? That was taken at the 1972 Olympics when the USSR beat USA basketball. The US had a record of 63-0 in Olympics games and had won 7 straight basketball gold medals. The final score was 51-50 in favor of the Soviets and it was an understatment to say that the USA basketball team was royally pissed. The game is called one of the most controversial games ever played and the US even refused the silver medal. And after years of protest, the call was finally overturned and.. no, wait, the rules were just changed after that game. The saddest part? That is the most remembered moment from the 1972 Olympics not the whole "Munich Massacare" thing.

#3. Detroit Lions

The Lions' make this list for a couple of reasons but the main one will be forever etched in history (and not in a good way).

Drawn on teardrops? Isn't wearing a paper bag enough?

Drawn-on teardrops? Isn't wearing a paper bag enough?

It is the 0-16 season that truly defines disappointment for Detroit Lions fans. They're couldn't even win one game. Oh the horror! Meanwhile, there was this other team in Detroit that was doing much better... What was the name of that team again?

The Pistons?

Yes. Detroit Lions fans were bitching about how bad they're football team was even after the city known as HockeyTown won a Stanley Cup.

Mmmmmm... trophy

Mmmmmmm..... trophy

#2. Chicago Cubs

Oh, did you think the Cubbies were going to be #1 on this list? Nope, I will spare Cubs fans the humliation although it would be nice if the Cubs actually won something.



The Cubs (as their fans will tell you) have not won a World Series in more than a century. 100 years since there has been a party at Wrigley Field. Cubs fans have waited that long to get their freak on 'cause their team won. I'm sure a lot of Cubs' fans have died without seeing their team winning it all.

"Dear God: Not even once huh?

Hard to believe that this all started with a man and his goat. As mentioned in a previous Cracked article, William Sianis got kicked out of Wrigley field because he took his goat to a baseball game. Poor Murphy (the goats). I'm sure he waited his whole goat life to go to a Cubs game.


Or become a celebrity. Whatever.

But Murphy and Sianis were kicked out of Wrigley and the Cubs have been a disappointment ever since. They have yet to win a World Series let alone appear in one. Last World Series title: 1908. Last World Series apperance: 1945. Years regretting kicking out a man and his goat: A lot.

Hey! You remember when the Cubs won the World Series? Neither do I!

#1. Toronto Maple Leafs

As a Leafs fan, I'll admit that I'm a little biased in the top pick but I have a damn good right to be. The Leafs won a Stanley Cup in 1967 and haven't one a single Cup since let alone appear in a final. They were so close in 1993 when they played the Los Angeles Kings in the Adams Conference Final but, unfortunately, the greatest player in the world just happened to play on the Kings.

Wayne friggin' Gretzky!

Oh and it gets better. While the Cubs' ownership actually cares about, y'know, winning, it seems that all Leafs' ownership cares about is money. This season has been particullary hard on Leafs fans as so many jokes have been at their teams expense. Some examples include:

What is the similarity between the Maple Leafs and the Titanic? They both look good until they hit the ice.

What's the difference between the Maple Leafs and a triangle? A triangle has three points.

Why didn't Hamilton get an NHL franchise? 'Cause Toronto would have wanted one too!

The list is endless my friends. These jokes were made on-the-spot too. By regular people (from Montreal I'm guessing) that hate the Leafs (Montreal fans) who want to see the Leafs fail (Yep. Habs fans.).

Why do you hate us hockey god?!

"Fine. Here, take Jesus. He CAN walk on water after all"

Even if we had Jesus, we still couldn't win...