Tokyopop is a mediocre manga publisher that has a fetish for canceling series when they are more than half way published and fucking with our emotions.

After buying 34 volumes of Samurai Deeper Kyo, Patrick finds out Tokyopop cancelled it just 4 volumes shy of completion, armed with a .38 he kills the retarded Tokyopop Pacman

Rest in peace Shonan Junai Gumi, your last 4 volumes will rest in someones abandoned stock room

Typical reaction by a Tokyopop customer after realizing they spent 300+ dollars on an unfinished manga series.

Just The Facts

  1. Tokyopop isn't owned by one person but by a place. Most likely hell.
  2. Tokyopop apparently likes to cancel different series just to make nerds cry.
  3. Tokyopop finishes manga series like Fruits Basket. Sadly Fruits Basket has been known to make the head of any man who tries to read it explode.

Why is Tokyopop a bad company?

Founded in 1997, Tokyopop was a newcomer to the manga industry. Instead of doing business correctly they decided to stiff some of their upcoming artists on payments. As you can tell, the manga artists weren't very happy about this and probably dreamt of carrying out feats such as this one:

To make matters worse, Tokyopop started something called the manga pilots, a program designed to give people who loved to draw manga a chance to make a name for themselves by making a one-shot episode. Their rules and terms of contract were very shady caused massive backlash among the online otaku community. you can see some of the backlash for youselves by googling "Tokyopop sucks" or by clicking on here for a sample: Tokyopop Manga Pilots Backlash.

Sadly, we're not done yet explaining how much Tokyopop sucks ass. in 2009 a famous Japanese company called Kodansha decided that Tokyopop were a bunch of fucking douche bags and chose to cut off their contract with them. While Tokyopop is made up of a bunch of incompetent douche bags, the move pretty much screwed everyone who had decided buying manga from Tokyopop was a good idea. You can see the massive list of fuckup that happened when they split by clicking here: Tokyopop is the devil. 11 series cancelled and 60 series out of print for the forseeable future. In other words, if you bought 35 out of 37 volumes at $9.99 each then Tokyopop can send you a thank you note for letting them rape $350 dollars out of you. At this point if your wallet was your ass hole, then your poor ass would look like this:

In clinical tests, side effects of getting ripped off by Tokyopop include rectal bleeding and profuse usage of the words, "fuck", "shit", "motherfucker" and "May Old Testament God come down and smite you, give your kids leprosy and send you to hell and use your penis as a match to light a thousand candles."

A picture guide to blow off steam after getting robbed by Tokyopop.