Riot Dog

Riot Dog, aka "Rebel Dog", aka Kanellos, is a badass dog who has been at every riot in Greece since 2008. He is a folk hero among the Greeks and an internet phenomenon. He is also the first breed inducted into the CKC: The Cracked Kennel Club.

Just The Facts

  1. Riot Dog is more awesome than your dog.
  2. Riot Dog's name is purported to be "Kanellos" which is Greek for "Riot Dog".
  3. Riot Dog is sometimes seen with a collar, sometimes not. He is presumed stray and the collar is thought to contain emergency rations and PCP.

Who is Riot Dog?

Riot Dog achieved folk-hero status among the Greeks after people started noticing him at every single riot since 2008. What, you thought Greek riots were just a 2010 thing? Well sure, that's when they got bigtime - but Riot Dog was into rioting before it went all "mainstream".

Check him out in the video below. He appears as early as 00:30 but wait until 1:35 if you want to see him CHARGING ALONE INTO GUNFIRE.

The famous Riot Dog of 2010 is usually seen wearing a blue collar and it is beleived by some that he is the same dog, Kanellos, who has been appearing at riots since 2008. Other reports claim that Kanellos was killed and this is merely a similar-looking (and equally badass) dog that is as yet unidentified. No one has come forward claiming to be the owner of Riot Dog, and that does not surprise us. Riot Dog obviously has a serious problem with authority.

"While one can't be certain that it's the same pooch at every protest - Athens is something of a magnet for street-savvy stray dogs - this mutt does sport a distinctive blue collar, which may indicate that, while he's a stray, he's also current on his shots," Yahoo News contributor Brett Michael Dykes.

There are a zillion photos of Riot Dog in his natural environment and we will be dumping even more of them at the end of this article. When looking at each of them, keep one question in your mind: Have you ever seen a happier dog? No, you have not.

Who Loves Riot Dog?

Lots of people. Sure, any idiot can get themselves a Facebook Fan Page, but you have to really be somebody to inspire musical YouTube tributes.

Riot Dog has been a Greek hero for years, but the recent escalation of chaos in that nation due to the crumbling economy has made their problem - and Riot Dog's fame - an international phenomenon. Recently, he became a bona fide internet meme.

Everyone is talking about Riot Dog. Each words in that previous sentence is a different link and even that is just a taste.

I Want to See More Riot Dog

Oh do you?