Just what the hell is an Otaku you ask? Well ask no further and delve deep into the dark depraved world of the anime fan.

Yes, they're real.

Yes they are odd. (plus they travel in packs)

The majority live in their mothers basements.

Just The Facts

  1. While most anime fans and Japanophiles call themselves Otaku, the word actually refers to anti-social maniacs in Japan.
  2. 70% of otakus have cosplayed at least once.
  3. 0% of otakus are as cool as they think they are while cosplaying...not even the really hot chicks. At the end of the day they're just adults in overpriced Halloween costumes.

What exactly is an otaku?

While the word otaku has negative implications in Japan, in other parts of the world it is used by fans of anime, manga, Japanese culture, hentai(guys) and effeminate guys (gals). A lot of these fans like to do something called 'cosplay', which means that they dress up as their favorite characters.

Very few (about 1 %) look like this:

Poke-Damn! She is the rare candy of cosplayers.

Yet most cosplayers(99%) look more like this:

The answers are: No, the anime characters are not this fluffy. Yes, Naruto seems to have camel toe.

Now that we have grasped the basics....

What is it about anime/manga that appeals to so many? It has to do with the fact that the stories are different from the usual Western style comic book and that throughout a whole series there is usually a plot, character development and an ending. A big difference considering Batman (Who is awesome) is about 80 years old and doesn't seem like it will ever end. Another appealing aspect of anime that keeps otaku coming back for more is a term simply known as fanservice. What is fanservice you ask? A device put into many series to keep hormonally charged ADHD teens hooked on a series. Basically it comes down to the female characters showing skin and lots of it.

Hmmm...this anime is boring....Oooh boobies! What a great anime!.....What am I watching.....this anime is boring...Oooh boobies! What a great anime!....What am I watching.....

Closet Otaku

Some of these famous people weren't known as otaku until our crack team discovered that they indeed love to watch anime while eating a cheap Cup-o-noodles.

A big fan of Akira, Leo almost ruined it...Hollywood style.

Former good actor Robin Williams loves Evangelion. He must relate since after watching his recent movies you feel like the end of the world in Evangelion is similar to the end of his career as a comedian.

Like the tentacle porn monsters from La Blue Girl, Pat Robertson violates all morality, no wonder he downloaded the whole series after it was fansubbed.

Kim Jong Il is a big fan of Hamtaro and enjoys watching it while dining on a plate of PFK:Pyongyang fried kittens.

Scottie Pippen grew a beard and hid in some mountains where he watched Hello Kitty in the mornings.