Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro are a Scottich rock band from Ayrshire, Their music has the unique ability to both melt faces and blow minds.


Just The Facts

  1. Formed in 1995 by lead guitarist Simon Neil
  2. They were originally called Screwfish
  3. The name Biffy Clyro apparently comes from a Cliff Richard pen the band owned, their 'Cliffy Biro'
  4. The name Biffy Clyro apparently comes from a 17th Century Finnish footballer of the same name
  5. The name Biffy Clyro apparently stands for "Big Imagination For Feeling Young 'Cos Life Yearns Real Optimism"

Creation of the band

Simon Neil created the band in 1995 under the name Screwfish and played a gig at their local youth club with a favourite local band Pink Cross. After that things began to get more serious and the band moved to Glasgow where they enrolled at College/University. While in Glasgow they began to gain popularity and were found by Dee Bahl who offered them the oppurtunity to release an independent single called "Iname" This was released under the name Biffy Clyro. By the time they were picked up by Beggar's Banquet, their first record label, all three members were singing lead vocals and their sound had begun to develop into what we know today and they were a mighty live act.

At least as mighty as the Power Rangers... At least.


Iname (1999)

Financed and released by the band's manager, Dee Bahl, This was the bands first ever release. It featured the tracks "Iname", "All The Way Down (Chapter 2)" and "Travis Perkins". This is one of the rarest items in the bands discography and if you're lucky enough to find a copy for sale, it is unlikely you will be able to afford it without selling your car and/or your soul. THE rarest item in their discography is...

Thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow (2000)

The success of Iname led to the band being selected to record and release an album on Stow College's label Electric Honey, where the twins, Ben and James were studying audio. It is a four track EP and is considered their first major breakthrough into the music industry. It features the tracks "57", "Hope For An Angel", "Justboy" and "Less The Product".

The tracks "57" and "Justboy" feature as singles on the album Blackened Sky, and they fucking rock. The singles have always been a staple favourite of the bands more long-term fanbase.

People like these three.

It was about this time that the band began to get airplay on large radio stations, were discovered in the unsigned bands tent at T in the park 2000 and signed to Beggars Banquet.

Blackened Sky (2002)

Between being signed by Beggars Banquet and releasing Blackened Sky, the band re-recorded and released "57", "27" and "Justboy". On 11th March 2002 the band released their debut album, and I can tell you now, minds were blown. I mean there was so much mind-blowing going on people's ears were bleeding. From happiness.

It was like an awesome bomb had gone off and everyone was caught in the fallout.

Pictured: A Metaphor

It was about this time that the band began what they are really known, and loved, for; their relentless touring. Playing gig after gig and coming on stage each time still appearing to be well fucking chuffed to be there. Soon though the touring had to stop for they were to go away and come back with...

The Vertigo Of Bliss (2003)

The release of The Vertigo Of Bliss saw the release of the bands most experimental work to date and introduced a more mellow style than the sometimes harsh Blackened Sky, as well as being the bands first foray into using strings. The other thing to note with this album is it had the BEST COVER EVER.

Every 13 year old boys perfect album cover.

Not only was the album cover absofuckingawesome but one of the singles sported just as much in the way of pseudo-porn, enough to leave a certain Spinal Tap slightly jealous.

Smell The Glove

After the release of Vertigo Of Bliss the band began to tour, that is until the creation of...

Infinity Land (2004)

This spelt the first scent of mainstream success for the band as they began to be picked up by the media. Some fans see this as the last true Biffy song before the music industry got their claws in. Some fans are retarded. The album featured such gems as "Glitter and Trauma", "Only One Word Comes To Mind" and "There's no such thing as a jaggy snake"

Pictured: A Jaggy Snake

In 2005 Simon Neil's side project Marmaduke Duke released their debut album "The Mgnificent Duke" and he, Ben and James went on tour to promote it. In 2006 the band left Beggars Banquet and signed with 14th Floor, a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Puzzle (2007)

In 2007 the band released their fourth album "Puzzle", which was recieved incredibly well by critics and achieved their highest UK chart position. The album was a lot more mellow than those that came before, but still had the signature sound of Biffy. This was their real launch into the big time and they began playing more high profile gigs and expanding their fanbase hugely. It is around this time that they became bigger than Jesus.

Homer Simpson holding the original cover design for "Machines"

The band played T In The Park for the 7th time among a number of other festivals and high-profile gigs, such as touring with The Queens Of The Stoneage.

Only Revolutions(2009)

In July 2008 the band released the song "Mountains" which was initially supposed to be a stand alone single, but was included on the album Only Revolutions. Many Biffy fans hold the view that this could not have been an artistic decision but instead must have been made by the record company. Instead of being added as a b-side which many expected it was placed in the middle of the album, usually a space reserved for the singles to be released from said album. This has led to a lot of fans questioning the direction the band has taken. But as I said earlier, a lot of fans can fuck off.

Don't act like you didn't.

Only Revolutions was released in November 2009, and reached #8 on the UK albums chart.