Oceanic 815

Oceanic 815 is the the fictional plane from "Lost." The people aboard that plane were nothing like the people you would encounter on a real one.

Unfortunately, the real one's NOT gonna crash.

Damn it Sawyer, put a shirt on!

Just The Facts

  1. Oceanic 815 is the Airplane from "Lost." That's the most we can say without a spoiler warning.
  2. It crashed, (Spoiler Alert!!) Setting into motion the most unlikely series of events imaginable.
  3. The passengers aboard Oceanic 815 were dead sexy. After the crash, if you weren't sexy, you were dead.

The Airplane

First appearing in the Lost pilot, Oceanic 815 was a flight taken by a group of people with more shady and mysterious twists in their lives than an M. Night Shamalan movie from back when he made movies that were actually good. During that flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, 815 crashed on a mysterious Island aka "The" Island, and thus began the J.J. Abrams money train known as Lost.

When it crashed, Flight 815 split apart over the Island, dividing the surviving passengers into two groups: First there was the main cast--folks such as Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, and in the back were the 'tailies,' as they came to be known, a group whose survival was just an excuse to add new (and sexy) people to the cast for season 2, before slowly picking them back off the show one by one.

But they were sexy while they lasted!

The Passengers:

Oceanic 815 boasted arguably the most diverse group of passengers ever, resembling a Benetton ad with a dark, violent history wherin everyone is connected. Surprisingly, there seemed to be no Australian families taking this flight to LA for a vacation because seriously, who does that ever? In the writers' defense, maybe there was one on the plane, but it's just that Hurley landed on top of them in the crash.

Family Sized

As for the passengers who didn't get squished, they survived on the Island where...let's just say some shit went down. If you really want a recap of whats happened over the course of more than half a decade of Lost, just get the DVDs.

Alternate Timeline:

After Jack and the gang traveled back in time to set off a nuclear bomb in an attempt to reset the Island, the newly created Oceanic 815 of the flash sideways universe landed in LA as scheduled. And if you're not a Lost geek, that last sentence made no sense. But for Lost and the survivors of Oceanic 815, not making sense is par for the course.

As is looking very, very sexy