Batman Soundtrack

For the most part soundtrack albums are lame compilations of b-sides and hits. The soundtrack to Batman proved to be an exception. Leave it to Prince to be different.

The Artist Formerly Known as

Just The Facts

  1. Prince was texting before anyone.
  2. This was a comeback project for him.
  3. Each of these Bat-symbol links will play the song for you. Holy Copyright Violations!

The Album

1989. Take a good look at the top albums that year. Milli Vanilli to Guns and Roses, New Kids On The Block to Motley Crew, and one really good week for Richard Marx. Warner Brothers was looking for a project to make Prince popular again. They were about to release Tim Burton's "Batman", and the suits looked at eachother and said...who reminds you of Batman? Well the obvious choice is Prince. I would have gone the Richard Marx route, but that is just me. Wikipedia- "The result was yet another multi-platinum successful cross-media enterprise by Warner Bros, in the vein of Purple Rain." Get your mind out of the gutter.

Prince, who apparently writes thousands of songs, and quite a few dick jokes, took 6 weeks almost alone in the studio bringing to life the music of Batman. Other than some samples of the Sounds of Blackness Choir, a brief mumbling by Prince's then protege Anna Fantastic, and a touching duet with Sheena Easton, every voice you Prince. Using an early cut of the film he sampled dialouge and made a damn catchy album....but I wonder about that early cut. Almost all of the songs suggest some kind of humping. It seems Prince was watching a bit pornier version of the film. Or had a lot of "sex songs" laying around.

The Future

Have you read my Jetsons topic?

"I'm not gonna kill you. I want you to do me a favor,
I want you to tell all your friends about me."
"What are you?"

You have heard that line a few times, in this context it kicks off a fun little experiment in drum machinery. To be fair this is the most hump-free song in the bunch. In fact, it's kind of a spiritual affirmation/tragic street urchin the French Prince of Bel Air. Yes...I know.

Electric Chair

Waiting on a remake......right?

"U whispered something
It took my mind out like a
G flat major with an E in the bass
Your face looked so good
I wanted to touch your mouth
My brain is jackin' all over the place"

One must not forget that Prince can rip a guitar solo. So would you if your brain was jackin all over the place.

The Arms Of Orion

Looks like Orion is busy holding a lion and a club.

"God only knows where U are 2 night"
"Maybe time will tell me"
"'Till then I'll close my eyes and say a prayer 4 U"
('I'll say a prayer 4 U 2')

If Batman were a musical this would be Bruce and Vicki's big duet. In this case Bruce is played by Prince and Vikki by Sheena "(My Baby Takes The) Morning Train" Easton. Break out the tissues.


"Ain't nothin' but a muffin
We gotta lotta butter 2 go
(Y'say aye, an' I like ya 'way, but don't come now)
And if it break when it bend
U better not put it in - uh"

You know this scene. You know the hell out of this scene and it would be nothing without this music. For every sappy love song there is one of those Prince tunes that just gets to you. Fun fact: When the Joker stops Bob, the painting he was going to slash originally was "The Scream" but they couldn't get the rights. Francis Bacon's "Figure with Meat" was used instead

The video itself shows that Prince made his own Batman movie. It made no sense, but didn't need to. The kind of mumbling chick is Anna Fantastic, Prince's 17 year old girlfriend/protege. Is that Arms of Orion he is whistling at the begining? Yep. Can Prince dance? Shit, Prince can do anything judging by this song and video. And let me tell you, walking into a party dressed like that and expecting this kind of reaction does not work. Sax solo!

Vicki Waiting

Leave Alec alone.

Yep, this song starts with a dick joke:

"So I try my best to ad lib
I told the joke about the woman
Who asked her lover "Why is your organ so small?"
He replied "I didn't know I was playin' in a cathedral."
Vicki didn't laugh at all."

And neither did we. Maybe you did....grow up. Originally called "Anna Waiting" and given as a gift to the above mentioned Anna Fantastic Prince regifted this song, to the world. Again a humptastic song that will get stuck in your head if you are not careful.


An Accurate Photo of Corporate Bailouts

Prince scores pun. Another scene captured perfectly in the music. You can't lsten to it without picturing the whole thing in your head. The money, the balloons, the death of Bob. Another funky mix of guitar and horn.

"Get 'em! Take the pictures!"
"Gotham's greed"

Easily the best song Aril$$ ever released.

Lemon Crush

"If I'm workin' at my jobba
I'm the victim, U're the robba
No matter how much I try 2 stoppa
I can't help thinkin' about cha"

Another song written for Anna Fantastic and used to fufill his contract. Keep in mind she was 17 at the time, had been renamed by Prince (why does he do that?) and her favorite beverage......Lemon Crush. Su Refresco indeed.


U can't get 2 much of this picture.

When looking for a video for this tune (apparently an old one, partially written by his father....I assume named King) on Youtube I learned something about Prince. He hates Youtube.The only video I found was the original, with some other song playing. It seems Prince does everything he can to keep his work off of youtube. So as you click the youtube links to listen to each of these songs, look at that picture above and say "Ha, got you you bastard".


Ever wonder what song will play at your funeral? Not me. It will be Batdance. Another ripping guitar solo, katana blade samples, Jack Nicholson and yet another dick joke. "Hey Ducky, let me stick the 7-inch
In the computer"
a buffet of Batgoodness.
The video is again where the whole deal shines. A continuation of the Partyman video's themes, with Prince wearing a half bat/ half Joker suit. The dance sequence is out of control, The Batmen, the Jokers, The Vickis! The poofy haired Prince. Time to party like it's 1989.