Blocks of plastic weren't considered "awesome" until Lego arrived on the scene.

Lego Moses - Not available in stores

Just The Facts

  1. Lego used to be about creativity. You'd have a certain amount of blocks and you'd build whatever the hell you wanted to build.
  2. Now, you're given sets that make specific items or buildings. No imagination necessary.
  3. Nearly everything has been given the Lego treatment (by everything, we mean EVERYTHING).

Practical uses for Lego

We'll be honest, there really aren't any practical uses for Lego. Colourful building blocks serve as a temporary distraction for kids, to protect them from the harsh reality that they will never make it as a serious architect, what with their sloppy design flaws and constant need to use the building material to craft some sort of small firearm.

Too much time and effort went into making this

Of course, this doesn't mean you can't try to use Lego for the benefit of yourself or others. For example, there are some people in the world who don't have houses.This is, of course, a touchy subject, so no snide comments about hobos.

Pictures on the other hand are fine.

At least they didn't take his sense of humour

Our overall point here (if you didn't see it coming) is "Why not build a lego house for the homeless?" Obviously it would be quite a time consuming project, since houses take a long time to build with normal bricks, let alone tiny plastic ones. However, you're sure to feel a hell of a lot better about yourself by building shelter for hobos. Of course, it's not all about you, you know! You selfish bastard.

Biggest waste of time