Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is a place that sells books. And people jack off there every now and again. Knowledge is power.

Pictured: a typical child declaring war on Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble porn. Check it out!

Even the kids can get down with Barnes and Noble Porn

Just The Facts

  1. Thanks to whoever put the pics up^
  2. Two words- adult erotica
  3. Its a place to get books, dumb ass!

Lo and Behold...

Barnes and Noble is the largest book retainler in the United States. This comes to me as a surprise, because I don't even know what a book is. Its called the INTERNET! The company is known for its large upscale rertail outlets that often features its own cafe's serving coffee and pastries. The perfect enviroment for hipsters and washouts. They also sell magazines, DVD's, graphic novels, mangas, gifts, games, and music. And lets not forget about the adult literature know what I'm talking about. You know you've been there, sneaking around, hoping no one catches you checking out that karma sultra for a sick thrill. You disgust me. They currently have 777 stores in all 50 states, and 636 college bookstores for perverts on the rise.

Perks of going there

Besides the shelves full of quasi-erotica and endless dark corners to fap inconspiciously in, they actually offer a large variety of products to keep you entertained, even if dont actually buy anything. You can always just sit in one of their comfy seats (if some fat ass hasn't been camping in it for 4 hours) and check out a magazine, read a book, or flip through a manga. Its always perfect for when you have an hour or two to kill. Also, their cafe's all have free wifi. and thats always neat.

In conclusion...

Barnes and Noble is a pretty sweet place to take a load off, (a load OFF you fucking perverts!) and chill for a while. They have quality materials, great ambiance, and there little pastries never fail to kick ass. Just always remember to not steal anything, because those wood thingys at the doors are actually detectors (learned that the hard way), and to never look a chicken choker in the eye if confronted. They smell fear. And newsprint. Fuck books!