Warcraft III

The glorious gem in the "Blizzard" of RTS games.

Why this games is still amazing after eight years

When I first started playing RTS games Starcraft was the only thing my grandpa of a computer could run. I loved it though. Listening to the sounds of battles was amazng, and the game wasn't that hard to pick up and get good at. After a few years I upgraded to a better pc and stumbled across Warcraft in Wal-mart while looking for cool Xbox games. I was unsure at first until I saw how awesome it looked from the back of the packaging. The 3-D rendered units that moved in formation and kick ass hero units.

I was in heaven.

I spent my measely allowance on it and rushed home to install it. I was amazed not only by the graphics and engine, but the storyline. I kinda felt bad leading Arthas into what was obviously the worst idea since rap-rock. However, it got worse leading and UNDEAD Arthas into murdering paladins and burning down forest. By this time I was asking myself if the other campaigns would be just as depressing as the first two.


The Orcs painted a picture of slavery like that of Amistad, and the Elves showed my how everyone didn't care about nature until it assploded a giant demon. Once the end credits were over I sat back in my chair and said "Now what?". Thankfully the Frozen Throne came out that next year and threw some more depression at me.

Beginning with hunting down Illidan Stormrage (without a Hero voiced by Tommy Lee Jones) the games first campaign doesn't exactly start happy. Then you get to see how big of assholes Humans really are when you control the Blood Elves. It ends with you leading a slowly weakening Arthas to take his throne as the Lich King.

Since I have played Warcraft I subliminally compare it to every other RTS I play. Mainly I ask myself if the game is fluid, graphically stunning, decent storyline, and has those cool extras.

The first game I compared was the 2004 Relic masterpiece Dawn of War. This game scored high on all marks. The game was very fluid, having only two resources to worry about. It's graphics were very entertaining, and the storyline was good after you read up on WH40K lore, but the cool little extras were the best. Your squads could reinforce and be upgraded with heavy weapons, the moved in a single unit, amd the flew ito the air when an arty round of grenade hit them.

Since that last game every game I have played lives up to the standards of Warcraft in most respects, but there's always one that doesn't want to be conformist.

Why WoW is murdering Warcraft

Now, I don't play MMORPGs. I believe that if you are playing an RPG youare playing in your own fantasy world, and there is no room for other people in that world.

But apparently that is just me.

I never really played WoW until a friend of mine showed me it at his house. I got to toy with his character a bit, and raid a small dungeon where I was introduced to the "WoW language". Now, I'm not really old, but I felt like a senile old man when I read that chat box.

What the fuck are these people saying?

Now I know why people are complaining about illeteracy. It's the internets fault. They were replacing letters with numbers and using slang for things and just cutting some words in half. I was in a constant state of mindfuck until my friend attampted to explain this language to me. I remember telling him that I found Rammstein more understandable than that crock of shit the internet was chasing me around with trying to spoon feed it to me.

Through him I also learned that no one really knew any of the Warcraft lore and storyline. Which was heresy to me. When you play a game like Warcraft with this humongous backstory you should get to know a little of it. I left the online community of gaming until very recently when I began playing the new Dawn of War expansion online with a few anonymous strangers.

Another friend of my brought the filthy prostitute of an expansion to WoW by when we hung out one day. Thankfully, through watching him play, I learned that people are starting to learn just a little bit more about the story, but there is still a massive haze of ignorance on that game. I see this as something that isn't going to change. Hell, people buy games like Call of Duty and Halo just for the online, and skip the campaigns.

The gaming world is changing rapidly everyone, but only the OGs are noticing.