Cirque Du Soleil

Undeniable proof that Canadians can develop performances that most American companies could only match while on a bad acid trip.

Look at all the colors, eh?

Just The Facts

  1. Cirque Du Soleil is a Canadian based entertainment troupe that combines aspects of the circus, streetperforming, and storytelling.
  2. Founded in 1984 by Guy Laliberte and Daniel Gauthier, both former street performers and quite possibly both the epitome of the "rags to riches" character.
  3. No son of mine is going to watch that pansy shit! No way, no how!


Our story starts with a guy named Guy, Guy Laliberte that is. After quitting college, touring Europe, and learning the art of firebreathing (now THAT'S respectable backpacking), Guy decided to return to his lovely Canada in 1979 and finally get some sort of job. After only three days at his new post, a strike was called, and Guy lost his job, along with all those new friends he made. Seeing this as a sign from God, Guy never again searched for a new job, deciding instead to just live off of his unemployment insurance. He also decided, with Daniel Gauthier and Gilles Ste-Croix, to organize a giant summer fair with performing artists in Baie-Saint-Paul because fuck you, that's why.

i do what i want

I design elaborate performances to rival Circus Circus even though I have no money to get my ideas off the ground! Whatever! I do what I want!

In an attempt to convince the government in Quebec to fork over some cash money, one of Guy's partners (Gilles Ste-Croix) walked from Baie-Saint-Paul to Quebec City on stilts. That's 56 fucking miles. Sigh, if only getting a grant were that easy in America. Anyways, Quebec was impressed and gave the men the funds they needed, and Les Echassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul was born. It sucked major balls though, so Guy retooled it, and within a few years he and Daniel Gauthier created Cirque du Soleil.

Recent Shows

Cirque du Soleil has produced out more award winning productions than HBO (all their actors do their own stunts too), and as such, it would be a strain on our wrists and your eyes were we to list them all. Following is a list of the most recent shows in all their trippy crossdressing bestial awesomeness.



A Brazillian themed story about a bunch of insects that find an egg (Ovo is Portuguese for egg) and are fascinated by it. We're assuming it goes something like this: "We know there's food in there, but how to get to it...yo George, we try dancing around it yet? ...No? Alright let's try that."

Viva Elvis

Viva Elvis

As the name suggests, the show revolves around the King's music, and all things 50s rock and roll. Based on Cirque's track record, any Elvis fan would probably enjoy this show immensly. But then again, it's a French-Canadian take on an famous American icon. Your call.



Totem is one of the few of Cirque's new shows not scheduled to be shown in the United States, so if any of us want to watch the evolution of man through the eyes of an LSD junky, we'll have to travel on up to Quebec or Montreal.


crris angel believe

Fuck Criss Angel.

It seems as though Cirque du Soleil has a lot stacked up against it, especially in America. We have dancers with more make-up than your trashiest drag queen, guys prancing around (some with their shirts off), and worst of all, the show is French-Canadian. And yet the troupe has enjoyed monumental success, and each new show is eagerly anticipated. What's that tell us? This shit is awesome, plain and simple. Although it might possibly be better if you're high. Possibly.