Some people believe Bras are pure evil, hiding the wonderful world of boobies just out of our sight. These people would be people like YOU. No, not you i'm sorry, i meant that loser BEHIND you. (no seriously don't look, it's you)

Doing it wrong.



Just The Facts

  1. Bras Usually contain boobs.
  2. If a bra does not contain boobs RUNNNNNNN!!!
  3. Bras can make bad boobs look okay, okay boobs look good and good boobs look amazing.
  4. Bras, when removed can make amazing boobs perfect boobs.
  5. Those of you with an internet connection probably know this.

The Bra

Bras are important you know.

You dont know?

well then you must be a complete moron uneducated in the way of the bra.

After countless several (three) years of studying the female species, i have acquired vast knowledge of said bra and will now share that knowledge with you.


This is unfortunate, but they also help them retain their pretty shape, and most every female you've stared at with amazing breasts was probably wearing one. I would tell you to do a google search on NO BRA but i think you get the idea OH MY GOD THE SAGGING of how bras work to retain the spheric shape that boobs are famous for, Hell even Lady liberty needs a bra

Yeah, we think its this one

Kinds of Bras

There are many kinda of bras including Sports bras (pure bounce reducing evil) regular bras, Push up bras for that extra lift, strapless bras for strapless dresses, and then there are awesome bras.

Here we will go over some of the basic functions of the bra

1. Retaining shape - this is important, unless you want your boobs looking like they're not very happy, This keeps boobies perky and round

2. Supporting weight - Boobs have mass, and force = mass x acceleration therfore boobs bounce, its science. however due to this bouncing, this can cause stress on the females back, causing pain, the strapped variety of bra supports the weight of the boobs, reducing bouncing *tear* and weight strain on the breeder woman.

3. Annoying men - Bras have these hooklike structures in the back, keeping the bra together or something, as undoing these seems to be a primal instinct in women, for some men it becomes a struggle possibly ending in dismemberment or death. Some are worse than that...

God would hate you...

Advancement of the Bra

Now with BACON

Holy Crap Bacon Bra *drools*

Airline Landing Zones

The landing zone is secure, over.

Making men JEALOUS

Ohhhh dont you with those were your hands

Genuine Hypnosis

You are getting veeeeeryyyy sleeeeeeeppyyyyy, also aroused.

Tasty Treat Bra

Hungry yet?



Diamond bra

Shiny, No you can not touch them.

They hold your fish too!

Those are some happy fish huh?


You made it to the bottom of this article, Probably not because you read everything, but because your thirst for boobs was too great and you scrolled though this article at lightning speed trying to absorb all the images you can in a matter of seconds, Funny thing is i included a timer below that will tell you about how long it took you to scoll down to it:

YOUR TIME: Approximately 5 seconds