Gritty Reboots

Because with the world in the current state that it's in,Gritty Reboots always make everything better.

Dracula: Beginnings

Just The Facts

  1. Gritty Reboot is a popular term used by youngsters meaning 'Crappy remake of a film that was good enough to last generations'
  2. When 'Gritty Reboot' is used in a sentance the words 'Michael Bay' innevitably Follow
  3. Its is common fact that Gritty Reboot's will suck more dick than Paris Hilton

'Rembember that brilliant film from the 1980's that everyone loved?' 'Were gunna remake it so everyone hates it'

Whenever news breaks of a classic film or film series being remade,people automatically assume they will suck.And they're right.And, whats worse sometimes they're totally uneccacary which pisses people off even more

Michael Bay has been responsable for most of these shitty reboots, because he thought some of the greatest slasher films in history were worth ruining.

His current Reboots include:

The Amityville Horror

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (And a sequel that made no fucking sence)

Friday the 13th

I also imagine he would've rebooted Halloween if Rob Zombie hadn't beat him too it.

'And i still make millions in profit.Take that society!'

Michael Bays latest reboot of 'A nightmare on elm street' had so many things wrong with it I'm surprised people havn't begun rioting in the streets,or at least posting poop through his mailbox

'Hey, I've got mail...'

Sadly, it's a fact that it's only a matter of time before we see another gritty reboot,mabie we'll see Jaws exploing a shark struggling to fit in in an ocean that won't accept him.