Russel Brand

Russel brand is hilarious and crazy... No really, he may be a bit crazy!

*pictured* Your mom in a cheap bikini...

Just The Facts

  1. Russell Brand is an English Actor, Comedian, Writer.
  2. He is quite British.
  3. He has gone on record stating we should give all teeny-bobber musicians heroin to weed out the talent.

The Beginning

In the beginning, around June 4th 1975, Russell Brand was born to Barbara and Ronald Brand. It all went downhill from there. His parents split after he hit sixth months old and he was raised by his mother. But wait, thats not that bad... After seven lonely years on this Earth, he was sexually abused by his tutor...You wishAnd they decided NOT to press charges, cause pedophilia is accepted in britain apparently. Who knew? And he was also frequently exposed to hardcore porn and sex by none other than good old dad. You can almost say his dad was trying to raise some kind of hilarious, British, sex machine

Also, His mom decided to start falling about at the seams for some reason! She developed uterine cancer, Breast cancer, and lymphoma. And from being blamed for this by his grandmother, not to mention all the sex that he was being exposed to by his dad, It's no wonder he was so messed up... but that brings us to the next stage in his life.

The Teenage years

Teenagers, Proof that God is up there laughing at humanity.

When Russell Brand was a teenager he fell into the habit of drugs. Not just weed like every other teenager is trying, but Amphetamines, Crack, LSD, Ecstasy, Mentos, Mountain Dew, the list goes on! And somewhere in-between freebasing Surge, and Snorting Pixie sticks, Russell decided that he disliked his Stepfather, and moved out at age 16. He also saw this thing

Lets not forget his bullimia either

The Career

Russell Brand, despite all that has come against him, has a pretty impressive life. He is recovering from all his drug use, is engaged to this lady*not pictured* YOUR girlfriend*, has starred in a few marginally successful movies, and is slated to play drop dead fred in a remake. This is not including his exploits in the U.K, because I'm still sure that "Europe" is just a fantasy-land like Narnia, Hoth, Or Ohio. He has also won several awards, some for his former sexual promiscuity, most for his standup. And let's face it, he may even actually be batman