One of the most interesting weapons of WW2. Heavy and scary

if john wilkes booth had been a minute late he would have gotten one hell of a suprise

Just The Facts

  1. flamethrowers shoot flame
  2. they burn like hell
  3. a giant stream of flame kinda ruins your morale

flamethowers, the awesome

What are human beings afraid of the most? Fire, or spiders but thats not relevent. Now take fire and shoot it at high speeds up to 250 feet. Thats the flamethrower. Unlike in call of duty where they go all of 10 feet

flametrower guy

or one foot, its all good

And of course improvised flamethrowers, The national pastime.

baseball at its finest

sorry, baseball we've moved on

pretty much any flamable gas and or aerosal can at this point has been used as a flametrowers.

flamethrowers, the insanly dangerous

Things that arent made to shoot fire tend to explode. This simple fact makes improvised flamethrowers a death trap. But does the american youth care? HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA no.

The american youth are fucking INSANE

Even with flamethromers that sole design and purpose are to shoot fire still burn your ass off. Actually its usually your face that suffers burns but this is theoretical so really any thing can happen.

like unicorns.

But hey! Who wouldent risk life and limb for a cheap stream of fire? Seriously though these things are dangerous as hell.

fire ball

Together forever.

These things legal?

To an extent. There are some flamethrowers out there to melt the side walk or whatever but who's going to buy somthing to melt their sidewalk. Most likely these are used for various other reasons like roasting a chicken.


Its like shogun meets KFC.