Kevin, The Gay Character In Archie Comics

Kevin Keller is a gay character introduced into the Archie Comics world to keep things, in the words of Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater "current and inclusive," because apparently Jon Goldwater believes that it is 1992.

Is it just us, or does he look nervous?

Just The Facts

  1. Kevin Keller is being promoted as "Archie Comics' first openly gay character", with the inference therefore being that lots of the current characters are in fact gay, but still in the closet.
  2. We're betting on Big Ethel and Professor Flutesnoot. Also Moose, and maybe that primping pretty boy Reggie.
  3. The story Kevin will make his first appearance in will be called "Isn't it Bromantic?"
  4. Seriously, this thing writes itself.

Cracked on Kevin Keller

Jughead's complete non-reaction to the revelation that the guy he's sitting with is gay is easily the best part of this. It's almost as if Jughead is thinking "Look, dude, you're not a hamburger. The second I realized that is the precise instant that you stopped mattering."