Killer Elmo

This is the real truth behind elmo. I should know he try to fucking kill me.

The new and improved elmo.

Elmo will never die, his mission is to kill you.

Elmos gang can kill you faster then cancer.

Just The Facts

  1. Elmo looks harmless but he will try to kill you.
  2. When the elmos are created the are possesed with the evil soul of a serial killer.
  3. Dont trust elmo he will fucked you up.

Whats wrong with elmo?

Elmo is a demonic creature that escaped from hell and joined the Sesame Street crew in 1975. Elmo's plan is to trick young children to think he is nice. But over the years have you heard about children who have gone missing and children who have been murdered with no explanation. If you have an elmo theres a 95% chance its possesed by a evil spirit or not.