Double Down Sandwich

On April 12, 2010, the US just got a whole lot fatter. I know, because my buddy Grant had that shit marked on his calendar.

Sweet, salty Jesus, that is one gorgeous...what is it?

Just The Facts

  1. The Double Down sandwich is KFC's latest creation.
  2. The Double Down is secretly Satan's latest creation.
  3. If you look at the picture of Colonel Sanders and imagine that his weird bow tie is actually a tiny body, it cannot be unseen.

What in the world?!

Feast your eyes on that baby up there. That's bacon, Monterey and pepper jack cheeses, and Colonel Sauce-

Yeah, whatever that crap is.

-squished between two juicy, boneless chicken breasts. Those breasts can be either grilled or fried, though it's pretty fucked up either way. If you still haven't noticed, there is no bun. In the greatest evolutionary step in the fast food business since the McRib-

Nobody knows what exactly that is either.

-yeah, anyways, since the McRib, KFC has replaced the bread with something far greater- two juicy, greasy, sodium-oozing chicken breasts. I cannot emphasize the breasts enough.


Seriously, this bad boy has 540 calories, 32g of fat and a whopping 1,380mg of sodium. The grilled version has slightly fewer calories and a little less fat, but actually has more sodium. And, you're holding a piece of grilled chicken. Gross.

Hey, it IS like a little body.

Despite the health risk, you need to run (literally, you'll be feeling this sandwich for days otherwise) to the nearest KFC and lay down the six-or-so dollars for one as soon as possible, because your life is become a little more worthless (but maybe a little longer) every minute you go without having experienced the wonder that is the Double Down.