Weird Al

Wierd Al is basically a god in his own right. Him making a parody of your song is a higher honor than getting a Grammy.

Coolest. Award. Ever.

Just The Facts

  1. He's sold more than 12 million records, more than any other comedy act ever.
  2. Every song he remakes is better than the original. Always.
  3. Yankovic is a badass last name.

Cracked on Weird Al

57 parodies.

116 polkas.

Over 12 million records sold.

It's like everything he touches turns into magic.

His first profromace consisted of an accordian, the accordian box, and a bunch of other various noisemakers that make parents want to pull their hair out.

The Beginning Of a Legend...

It all started with a dick. But we wont go into details because, well, old people having sex is gross. His birth name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic. And with a name like Alfred you have to have a sense of humor. Or a butler outfit.

His first accordian lesson on October 22, 1966 sparked his musical career. His parents bought it from a door to door salesman who was selling guitars and accordians. They thought that there should be another accordian playing Yankovic in the world. They were talking about Frankie Yankovic who he was not related to in any sense.

We think that his parents may have enjoyed torturing him a little bit.

Let There be Awesome.

In 1976 he sent in a tape which included the songs "Belvedere Cruisin" (about his familys car) and "Dr. D Superstar" (a parody of "Jesus Christ Superstar")to the Dr. Demento Show. Dr. Demento polietely told him that "Belvedere Cruisin" generally sucked but aired the tape anyway.

"My Bologna" (A parody of "My Sharona" by The Knack) was recorded in 1979 and sent into the Dr. Demento Show, which had a good response all around. Eat it Demento.

The Knack decided to meet up with Yankovic to let him know that they liked his song and Doug Fieger (the lead singer) suggested that Capitol Records release it as a single. They offered him six month recording contract and Weird Al realized that he could make comedic songs for a living. Which is good because he was going to be architect and those would have been some fucked up buildings.

Positive Reactions.

Yankovic is gentlemen. He always asks permission to use another bands song even though artists do not need premission to record a parody.

When Yankovic called Kurt Cobain to ask to use "Smells like Teen Spirit" Cobain's only question was if it was going to be about food. It wasnt of course. It was about how no one could understand what the hell they were singing about. The band thought the music video was hilarious, and said that Yankovic is a musical genius.

Michael Jackson was also a huge fan of Yankovic and even lent him the set used to record his "Badder" video for "Fat". The only song Jackson requested he not do was "Black and White" because he felt "the message is too important". So Yankovic only preformed "Snack all Night" (parody of "Black and White") for some of his live shows.

Chamillioniaire loved Yankovic's parody "White & Nerdy" so much he actually had it on official myspace page before Yankovic. The man practically fed off the the fame the parody brought him. Chamillioniaire even said that if it was'nt for Weird Al's parody he would have never won his Grammy.

Douchebags who complained.

Coolio was a big whiney baby after "Amish Paradise" was recorded saying that he never gave permission even though Yankovic insists he did. Coolio was upset but legal action was never taken because he ended up getting royalty payments. He must have been PMSing.

Eminem had productions halted for the making "Couch Potato" (parody of "Lose Yourself") because he thought it would be "harmful to his image".

Oh yes. Must not damage his career

Oh yes. Must not damage this mans career.

Prince always refuses Yankovic's requests to parody his songs. There really isnt a reason behind it. Except for maybe the stick up Prince's ass.

Paul McCartney (who is a fan) was against Yankovic making a parody of "Live and Let Die" entitled "Chicken Pot Pie". Why you ask? Because he's a vegetarian and he doesnt want to condone eating meat. Lamest excuse ever. Especially since Yankovic is also a vegetarian.