The Blues Brothers

Ahh The Blues Brothers... one of the best movies ever made. Not only did i have a great punchline, "We're on a mission from God" it had great music and some of the best chase scenes ever... EVER!!!!

They're on a mission from God.

Just The Facts

  1. First off, they broke my watch.
  2. There was a tank in it. Seriously, a fucking tank.
  3. It holds the record for the most cars destroyed in filming. I'm sure that if a sequel had been made, it would out rank it and be amazing. Too bad they never made a sequel. EVER.
  4. Steven Spielberg actually has a part in the movie. Not that he is a very interesting character anyway.

The Mission Begins

Jake Blues is released from prison after serving three years for armed robbery. Jake is at first irritated at being picked up by his brother Elwood in a battered former police car, instead of the Cadillac the brothers used to own, but Elwood explains the car's advantages. The brothers visit their childhood home, a Catholic orphanage. They learn the institution will be closed unless $5,000 in property tax is collected. Jake indicates they can quickly obtain the funds, but the orphanage director Sister Stigmata refuses to accept any stolen money. Oh, also, she floats. No, seriously. SHE FUCKING FLOATS.

The face of evi

Anyway, the brothers visit an evangelical church service, led by a minister played by James Brown, where Jake has an epiphany: they can legitimately raise the funds by re-forming their rhythm and blues band.

This Place Has Got Everything

Elwood's running a yellow traffic light is noticed by two Illinois State Police troopers, and after pulling him over and using their electronic database, the troopers learn of his suspended license. When they attempt to arrest Elwood, he speeds off, leading a high-speed chase through the Dixie Square Mall. It doesn't get higher than 9.9 on the awesometer. As if a cop chase wasn't awesome enough, through a bloody shopping center was epic.

The Band

The middle part of the story moves through what i like to call, the "band grab". In other words for people whose metal capacity that are running at maximum, Jake and Elwood go rounding up the members of the original band and get them back together so they can make happy time in the back room. Nah, that never happened although they manage to piss off some cowboys after playing a gig at a country bar (much beer was drunk).