Michael Bay Remakes Some Classic Films

Micheal Bay, as we all know has problems. He can't let a good series stay good. So here it is good things gone bad.

he turned this kinda scary psycho...

into a homeless guy.

Just The Facts

  1. Micheal Bay is a director who specailizes in ruining childhood memories
  2. he wants to be George Lucas
  3. he really wants to be George Lucas
  4. he doesn't realize in order to be a George Lucas that he needs at least one good movie first
  5. he sold his soul to chewbacca in order to make movies
  6. I am almost positive he is really just a 3 year old in a costume

Bay Bay Bay

Micheal Bay isn't a bad person he is just not good at having good ideas. Now people may say " He is working hard reimaging a franchise and all," to that I ask "well wasn't it already imagined by the original author? what made the orginal good was it's fresh smell, doing it again is like beating a dead cow for milk that went sour a long time ago. " That was normally the point when I would get the shit beat out of me or the other person would admit I was right (and both ways I have an odd sense of pleasure). Wrapping it up, we can't really stop Micheal Bay from making these movie but we don't really have to watch them.