ROFLspiders is an antimeme developed by (read: pulled out of the asses of) the forum members. Enjoy the satire and irony.

Just The Facts

  1. ROFLspiders are the same thing as lolcats, but with spiders instead of cats
  2. This instantly makes it witty and funnier
  3. ROFLspiders' debut album, Silk n' Shit, is due for release in November 2010

Cracked on (creating) ROFLspiders

Here are the origins the mystical and shocking origins of the web's newest stars...

It started with a thread that encouraged users to visit a low-brow, unfunny website that featured image macros of babies, called "Lmaobabies". It sucks and you should completely wipe it from your memory. Good. Merely seven posts later, forum member VoodoTissue suggests that ROFLspiders will be the next big Internet meme, as a joke or something.

But the creature came alive...

Within hours, the thread was over 10 pages long and countless more ROFLspider macros are being added at a rapid pace. This, my friends, is the Internet at work. But ROFLspiders speaks to a much deeper philosophy that prevails with Internet culture. Apart from being amusing images, apart from being a closely-modeled commentary on the frogfucking awfulness of lolcats, ROFLspiders truly represents a division of the human psyche that has been insofar under-explored by exploits on the Internet; the inherent velocity and momentum of the movement speak volumes about the current state of-

Ah fuck it, just look at the damn pictures. Yeesh.

You can view the all of the ROFLspiders HERE.

Creator Testimony

We've asked some of the original creators of the new ROLFspiders meme to comment on the fruits of their labor, their philosophies on internet humor, and how they view the world. If you'd like to ask a question, post it in the comments section where it will be ignored.


From: VoodooTissue, pioneer of ROFLspiders and convicted arachnopornographer:

"ROFLspiders is about challenging expectations. The Lolcats method is: "Oh, kittens are so goddamn cute! Let's put in a gramatically incorrect caption to highlight this cuteness and make it seem as if these kittens are harmless and wovewy." When in actual fact, kittens are vicious predators. Every year, thousands and thousands of spiders die due to kitten-related injury, and a good deal more come from people just plain out trying to squish them.

Now look, I know what you're thinking "Oh VoodooTissue, we all know you're only trying to glorify spiders because you're a half-arachnid half-insect half-man mutant and you'd like it if we stopped violating your minions." Well, that's true. But also, spiders are fucking awesome. And they will literally fuck your shit up. ROFLspiders is like having a confused boner at a hot cousin or terrible porn - you know you shouldn't be reacting like that, yet you can't make it go away."

From: walterscarff, generally nice guy, except for his sister's lame birthday party he dragged us to:

"ROFLspiders are about redeeming an underappreciated creature. Cats weren't bad until the internet. The internet ruined cats, and now it is to make up for it by saving the Spider. We can use the meme-speak we've created with the internet to alleviate the discomfort associated with these Arachnids, and propell them back into the graces of the people."

From: StantheGarbageMan, apparently a garbage man:

"I am one of the few people who actually like LOLcats. This, however, is even better."

From: Annyong, one of the few registered EFO (elusive females online):

"ROFL spiders cured my arachnophobia but made my imagemacrophobia ten times worse. Thanks Cracked!"

From: Cazio, local cheeseburger nut:

"I don't think any of us knew what we were creating when we started. Not really. it's out of control. What hath we wrought?"

From: Thicket, CEO and Chairman of SoapCorp:

"I think that ROFLspiders are actually just a brilliant idea from the laundry soap companies, as lots of people's pants have been inexplicably soaked with urine after viewing them."

From: tomroadrunner, the crazy cat lady's hipster neighbor:

"ROFLspiders are kinda funny, I guess."

From: RogerRamjet, who is currently playing Home Alone 2 on the SNES for the 5th Friday night in a row:

"It's the most sinister, ironic, and hip thing I'll probably ever be associated with. God I'm depressed now."