internet games

Internet Games, or Flash Games, are the best way to play games on the Internet. Mostly because they are free.)



Contrary to popular belief, this does not make you a killer.

Just The Facts

  1. Internet games are the best way to play games.
  2. They are the second most popular thing on the internet.
  3. You should be able to figure out what the first most popular thing on the internet is.

Game Sites

Just like porn, there are many sites you can go to for games. Most have crappy games and crappy quality because they are knock off sites (like most porn sites). They are made by people who are trying (and failing) to be cool. The better sites are made by groups of professionals. They have publishing rights to post their own games, and they can have exclusive games (that the unpopular sites will try to steal). These include such sites as ArmorGames, AddictingGames, Max Games, and Newgrounds. By far, is the best of all those sites.

Pictured: Greatness

In reference to the aforementioned paragraph on knock-off sites, there is one exception to the rule. And that exception is This is only true because in addition to games, they have news articles, videos, and lots of other funny things, as the title of the site should explain. (If you don't find something funny on SOMETHINGREALLYFUNNY.COM, you are an idiot)

Types of Flash Games

  • RPG's: Just like their non-flash counterpart, you have a single character and go on a quest. you level up, and buy new equipment. there are several genres of RPG's. There are turn based games, and non turn based ones. Turn based ones are where you and the enemy you are fighting take turns fighting eachother (If this were how it worked in real life, I would just hit the "flee/run" button and then never see that guy again). Then there are non-turn based games. in these, you just go and beat the crap out of some enemies at whatever pace you feel like. (Think WoW, or something like that).
  • Puzzle: Puzzle games make you use logic and brain power. Games in this category include Tetris, Portal (The flash version), Pandemic 2, and other games like that. These games are similar to strategy games in that you use your head instead of just smashing buttons.

Fuck you Madagascar!!!

  • Strategy Games: These are similar to puzzle games in that you use your brain (or lack thereof). Most people think of strategy games as games such as Halo Wars, any tower defense game. If you are one of those people, you are correct!
  • FPS's: First Person Shooters are games where you take aim and fire. There are two types of FPS's. Either sniper games, or games where you can change your weapon and just randomly shoot and kill things.


  • Button Smashers: Button smashing games are the ones where you just slam your keyboard. They have simple controls and simple goals such as: PRESS "A" TO NOT DIE!!!!!!!! Button smashing games are the easiest games to play, and are sometimes the best ones.

Best Game EVAR!!!!

  • Miscellaneous Games: Miscellaneous games are any other games that don't fall into the other categories. They...speak for themselves. they usually just have you move the mouse around to do some task.