Chevrolet is made by one of the "big three" car makers in America. Their owner also went bankrupt.

Just The Facts

  1. The symbol for Chevy is a big, gold, smug bow tie.
  2. Chevy is one of GM's remaining makes.
  3. Chevy was one of the first American automobile makers, surfacing right after Ford.

The Chevy symbol

The Chevy symbol is a large, golden, smug bow tie. Oh, how smug that bow tie is.

The first google result for "smug bow tie"

The first google image result for "smug bow tie"

The history behind the bow tie is greatly debated. Some say that it first came to Mr. William C. Durant after seeing the patter on the wallpaper of a hotel in Paris. (Source) So just remember that as you drive your good ol' Chevy Truck down the road singing about your patriotism and how other countries can kiss America's ass just remember that that big, golden bowtie was found first in France.

Patriotic Chevy Bow Tie

This symbol: First seen in France.

The people who drive Chevys

There are three main people who drive a Chevy. These people are:

The Backwoods Mud Trucker

Lifted Chevy

The Douchy Sports Car Driver.

Try to imagine him in anything other than a 2010 Camaro.

The Flat Broke College Student


You can see these in college towns across America.