Max Hardcore

"For every ten people who believe 'Max Hardcore' is a walking, talking, jerking, squirting incarnation of everything hideously wrong with adult films, there are ten THOUSAND actively masturbating without apology..." -- Rotten Library

Just The Facts

  1. Paul "Max Hardcore" Little is one of the most influential pornographers of all time
  2. Since the early Nineties and the advent of commercialized internet, Max defined the new frontier of "extreme porn"
  3. His prolific output of Pure Unadulterated Evil eventually netted him a conviction on obscenity charges
  4. If there is any justice in the world, Mr Hardcore will leave prison with comprehensive knowledge of what it means to be a woman
  5. Porn is the real American Dream

The Outer Limits

Max Hardcore's porno empire was built on the philosophy that you ain't experienced eroticism until you've seen it performed federal-prison-style -- srsly. In the world of Max Hardcore, if your masturbation is not a hatecrime, you're doing it wrong. The pervasive misogyny and malevolence of Max Hardcore's work is so potent, just reading a description of the sadistic sex acts on show will turn a normal person's stomach. Not content to be the vilest character to ever wear the title "industry luminary", he also went out of his way to turn his videos into faux child pornography. Although Max begs to differ:

"It's never my intention to lead a viewer to believe that a girl is underage. What we try to do is portray a young lady's innocence to the experience of sex for the first time (and then feed said innocence through a wood chipper. -- ed). My experience has been that a lot of the girls we work with enjoy role playing and acting as if it's the first time for them."

... what We In The Industry call the "I DID IT FOR THE LULZ" defence.


As you may have gathered by now, Max Hardcore is quite the controversial figure. If de Sade were alive today, I'm betting even he would give Mr Hardcore a wide berth. With the obscenity conviction, the Bush Administration managed to make an example of Max Hardcore to other porn purveyors tap-dancing, puking, urinating and defecating upon the borders of taste and legitimacy. One high-profile social commentator sprang to Max's defense, claiming the conviction was nothing but another example of the Bush Cartel's hypocrisy -- this, while admitting he never laid eyes on a Max Hardcore video. Therefore, here be extremely NSFW images, because if you too are intent on positing Paul "Max Hardcore" Little as the latest American witch-hunt victim and lamenting over the disrespect to your First Amendment rights, you really should first bear witness to what a porn star drenched in vomit looks like.