Godzilla Villains

Godzilla’s looking at you for a reason: He needs some target practice. That heat ray of his has seen a lot of use over the years as Godzilla has faced some imposing villains. And sometimes, Godzilla has been forced to team up with other monste

Godzilla: Never get on his bad side, or it's the heat ray for you!

Just The Facts

  1. Godzilla is known as the �King of the Monsters� because of his imposing stature and also because he has kicked serious monster-ass over the years, stomping or burning all his enemies.
  2. Godzilla�s enemies have evolved over the years, from a cute moth to a gigantic monster-plant. He has incurred the enmity of the military due to his many attacks upon Japan or Tokyo
  3. As with Adrian Monk, Godzilla refuses to let a fight end easily. Even in defeat, Godzilla has been capable of driving his enemies to the brink. In his first fight with Mothra, one of her larvae was almost snapped like a pretzel as Godzilla pummeled the insect with his tail. But it wasn't his fault t

Gods and Prehistoric rivals

In 1955, Godzilla would meet his first true enemy, the ankylosaurian Anguirus. There is one twist to this story-The Godzilla in Godzilla Raids Again(1955) is called Gigantis, and is a babe, a mean, tough scaly babe. This second creature is officially designated Godzilla after slaying its primeval foe and being buried in cold ice. It was not until 1963 that Godzilla was able to face a foe equal to him in strength and that monster was King Kong. Ironically, although King Kong had been borrowed(and changed) by Toho, King Kong vs Godzilla made Godzilla a household name in movie theaters along with Elvis(several Godzilla films were on double bills with Elvis Presley musicals.) Soon after, Godzilla reached his pinnacle as a all-out no-holds barred villain when he fought the godly Mothra in Mothra vs Godzilla(1964)