Pot Heads

pot heads are individuals who have chosen to regularly indulge in the consumption of the drug marijuana.(also know as weed,pot,ganja,dro,green,mj,Mary Jane,sticky icky,cannabis,among others)

our young generation should apire to be like this man. may god help make it so.

an example of one of the essential tools of the trade.a good bong can last a lifetime. but i broke mine yesterday fuck!

my bong was a K.I.A. two days ago this is it doesnt it break your fucking heart? =(

Just The Facts

  1. potheads celebrate 4:20. it is official cannabis smoking day it is in two days ..
  2. stoners and potheads are fucking awesome .
  3. pot heads smoke umm crack right? i dont remember ....OH YA WEED STONERS SMOKE WEED. =)
  4. pot heads have bad short term memory.
  5. pot heads have bad memory.
  6. chicks love potheads .

under standing pot heads (mmm tacos)

to understand ap ot head you must think like one would . clear your midn and think of doritos,pizza,cheeseburgers,icecream tacos wait,what were we talking abiut ?sorry i was thinking of mucnchies. .anyways, imagine floating out of body with time slowed down as if your in a cartoon time machine except somthing cleshe isnt going going to happen. your the thirstiest you've ever been .that is what a newbie stoner would feel as you smoke and gain tolerance and knowledge your highs will start to change the effcts will diminish a bit but it will be very noticable. you will learn better inhaling technique. yes there is technique for it. when inhaling smoke you want to draw diffrently depending on the smoking piece. if using a pipe several small quick hits while holding the lighter are sufficent. and then draw it into lungs and hold. if using a bong take one steady heavy draw and if your a novice remove lips,place hands over chamber and take a breather. and THEN take it all in one big rip and hold it. for joints and blunts im not sure anymore dont use them at all.

pot heads are often followed by many negative misconceptions about there culture.some of the common ones are that we as indiviuals and a group dont contribute to society in a positive way. well i say my positive thing that smoking weed does is calms me down so i dont shoot up me some assholes.we dont bother anyone,were normally a very relaxed and hungry people. the worst thing we might do to you is eat up all your food. or educate you about a gift from the universe. smoking weed can be compared to the hobbies of average indiviuals such as masterbation,drinking(wich causes millions of more deaths then pot achohol claims thousands weed claims none.) all we want is to be able to toke up in peace and eat and pass out. just leave us be? why do you push us around? you assholes... X( among other drastic falsehoods are potheads are lazy. my argument to that is that i happen to play several sports and excel despite smoking for 2 years.

how to identify a pot head.

Are you or a loved one a pot head?

(find out it this test)

  • #1 Do you know more then 8 names for marijuana? yes 4 points no -3 points.
  • #2 within the past 3-9 days have you used marijuana? 1-3 times 2 points?4-6 times7-9 points?more? 10 points.
  • #3 can you tell good weed from shit weed by smell and apperence?yes 11 points. no? -5 points
  • #4 how many paraphanelia items do you own? 1 -2 points ,2-4 points,3-6 points,4-pointsmore-do you really need that many??
  • #5 would you rather have 300 dollars? or super good bud? money--3 points bud-5 ponts
  • #6 do you or have you ever owned a bong?(you totally should) yes-12 points no- -3 points
  • #7 does a nice saturday night include you some pot,mucnhies and the film half-baked? (hope so i dont wana be alone) yes-33 points no- -11 points.
  • #8 are you over the age of 15 and watch cartoons during the day? yes-3 points (you might just be a loser) no - -2 points.
  • #9 do you remember what you did recently? within the last few minutes ?hours?do you know yourself ..? how did all that skin get on your arms mannn... (you dont remember you liar,i do becuese it was what i always do smoke weed).
  • #10 do you know what T.H.C. is,you cant remember? its Tetrahydrocannabinol yes-15 points no- -6 points

count your total if above 10 your a novice toker.if above 24 your a fairly skilled toker. if above 40 . your a stoner and very knoewledgble if you dont remember your total your a fucking pot head,meaning you know much but remember nothing.


if your results confirmed pot head herewww.superpiece.com/ is a site to buy quality smoking pieces cheap and reliable.

what are your thoughts on potheads now?

im hoping you dont think were retarded now. cuz you know thats a dick move we arent very evil people with the exception of m good buddy satan i toke up with. WHAT? dont judge me he has good shit that ill make your eyes redder then his dick.potheads arent stupid as most people think . i mean shit have you seen some of the homemade smoking tools made ? ive seen bongs made out of a bread bag and a straw .

for good pieces go to superpiece.com (THE AUTHORS PREFFERED SITE AND SINCE IM ON THE INTERNET YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST ME) REALLY THOUGH... damnit its a good site i wish i owned it. damn now im just rambling i guess fromm all that weed i should probaly stop smoking ganja.