Left 4 Dead Zombies

We all like to think that come the zombie apocalypse we will be one of those badass survivors. but in reality only a very lucky few will not become zombies. our crack team of cracked scientists have devised a test to determine what will happen to you

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Just The Facts

  1. Left 4 Dead was released by Valve in November 2008.
  2. It featured some of the best multiplayer action of the year.
  3. Killing zombies is AWESOME.

Cracked on Left 4 Dead

In the game a deadly infection sweeps across the globe turning most all people into infected (zombies) and special infected such as the witch.

The Witch

It's the zombie freaking apocolypse baby! And not only has the infection turned the worlds populace into walking corpses. It also seems to have affected the laws of physics as well! Throughout the game you will encounter seemingly infinite piles of ammo. You will be able to heal severe wounds such as acid burns and broken ribs with nothing more than a few bandages. Popping a whole bottle of vicodin will no longer send you into epileptic shock but rejuvenate your body and spirit. You will be granted x-ray vision and be able to see your allies through walls. And if someone dies? Well just check around corner because they might have been hiding in the closet all along!