The Best God

My god is better than your god: A surprisingly non-biased article.

The Christian god

The guys the new god replaced. Side note: The worshipers of these guys fed the Christian guys to lions

The one true god.

Just The Facts

  1. My god can beat up your god
  2. I'll fight you to prove it
  3. Whoever wins writes the history books

God (Aka the Christian one.)

First we will start off with a picture with a funny caption.

"You motherfucker! I swear to myself, if I ever get the chance, I'll drown you and your fucking kids! and that is a promise! Go ahead and wave asshole!"

And on to the actual content. The Christian God is named God, you can tell the difference because of the Capital 'G' in God, instead of god. He has a kid named Jesus "J-Dog" Christ, and this one time he drowned the fuck out of mankind. Also, his son killed a guy. And turned some into pigs. On second thought, I'm not gonna include any jokes about God. Except for this one observation. Do you think that Jesus will like it that we celebrate the crucifix? It may bring up some bad memo- oink oink oink oink oink

The Romans AKA Zeus and pals

The roman gods hung out on mount Olympus.

"My name is Z-Dog, and this is my crib. "

The major gods are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Athena, actually, you know what, Alot. I'll just leave it at alot.

The mortal enemies (and parents) of the roman gods were the titans, Pictured below

Robin was their leader

Everyone else

Just like the credits rolling after a movie, these gods where brought to you by:

Aww shit, I'm out.