Quite possibly one of the greatest dick jokes in history summed up in 101 minutes.

Its like mixing two sports into one!

Just The Facts

  1. Dick jokes
  2. Drunk kids
  3. Victoria Silvstedt Playmate Of The Year
  4. Reel Big Fish
  5. South Park references
  6. ????
  7. PROFIT!

The Story

South Park was the big thing back in the late 90's early 00's, and their creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were becoming really popular among the media despite their grotesque image (both artisticly and physically). So Hollywood did what they do with any form of popular comedy, make a mediocre movie that absolutely everyone will forget, and that brings us to BASEketball.

More dick jokes...

BASEketball a 1998 David Zucker comedy about a fictional sport which is the bastard love child of basketball and baseball, its your typical David Zucker movie with a 'sports underdog' theme and all the awesome intentional stereotypes.

It revolves around two childhood friends Joe "Coop" Cooper (Trey Parker) and Doug Reamer (Matt Stone), that forever dreamed that they'd one day be a sports star after catching the third homerun ball at a Reggie Jackson game in 1977. Thats pretty much the only innocent scene in the entire movie because it cuts to Coop pissing in the bushes outside their hottie classmates highschool reunion party that they weren't invited to, there they found out all of their classmates grew up and they were still fucking losers. After being kicked out of the party for raiding what they thought was the hotties panty drawer (it was actually her moms), they are challenged to a game of basketball with the preps and jocks, however Coop and Doug aren't fit to deal with the athletic asshole jocks so they form their own rules based on baseball rules and distractions called 'Psych-Outs' to try and fuck with the oppenents making them miss their shot (which would be fucking awesome in any sport), thus BASEketball was born.

A typical 'Psych-Out'

What started as a popular driveway game became a nation wide sport owned by Ted Denslow (Ernest Borgnine) who soon dies leaving the entire team 'The Milwaukee Beers' to Coop. Coop must bring the Beers to victory at the and of the season or the team revents to Denslow's smoking hot widow and into the hands of Denslow's rival owner the typical sinister asshat Baxter Cain (Robert Vaughn). What follows is dick jokes, slapstick humor, a shit ton of celebrity cameos and two guys making out...

True friendship...

The Game

The cheerleaders.

  • The game is played with two teams just like in pretty much every sport.
  • It starts with a shoot out to decide which team goes first.
  • Each teams must have at most 4 players on the court.

The court.

  • There are 3 spots for 'singles'. 2 spots for 'doubles' and one shot for 'triples' and a home run court.
  • A 'psych-out' is a distraction that allows you to do anything you want to distract the oppenant from making the shot as long as you don't touch them or block their site.
  • And, like baseball its played in innings.
  • Got it? No? Well to bad because I have no clue what the fuck it means its all Russian to me, I just read this shit off a fansite.