Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is a business model where you pay for the opportunity to sell a company's product and alienate your friends.

Just The Facts

  1. Multi-level marketing is very much like a barely legal form of a pyramid scam
  2. You will learn how to lose friends and scare people with high pressure MLM sales tactics
  3. 99% of consumers who join a MLM company never make a profit.

How it Works

At one time or another, we have all been exposed to multi-level marketing although we may not have been aware of it at the time or may not recognize it by that term. There are thousands of different MLM schemes that exist today. They may offer different products, but the underlying business model remains the same: you pay a fee to become a distributor, gain access to product at wholesale pricing which you then sell to your friends and family.

The product is just a front for the real money-making potential, which is had by signing up other distributors below you and earning a commission on what they sell. The potential for earning money is virtually limitless; if you sign up six friends, and each of those friends sign up six more friends, and so on and so on, you could be earning serious cash - awesome right?

No one likes to feel they have made a mistake and endorsed a company they will later wish they hadn't. or referred friends and family.

Why It Doesn't Work

Let's Party -

And by "Party" we mean invite people over to sit through a boring sales pitch and guilt them into buying something before they leave.

why it doesn't work

Market Saturation