Fuck Commercials


Shucks, my Top Chef recording is totally F'd!

Just The Facts

  1. Tivo will be launched in New Zealand in 2009. Way-to-fucking-go New Zealand.
  2. Tivo KidZone was launched as a parental control for Tivo aka a way to keep your kids from watching taped episodes of "A Double Shot at Love"
  3. Tivo opted not to implement an automatic commercial-skip feature with "...too many people feeling good about skipping those Geico commercials"

Cracked on Tivo

Originally created in 1998 to do away with VCR recordings of live TV, Tivo's legend was launched.

Fast forward to 2009, where companies such as Comcast and Direct TV have launched their own versions of the popular hardware.

What happened in between, which included some copyright infringement, a murder and a publication defication aren't really important. What is important, is that commercials got the short end of the stick.


As the above graph shows, people don't watch commercials anymore. Also American's are fat.

Tivo gave us the right to skip any and all commercials, and just like the right to free speech, bear arms and make porn, we consistently use and abuse that right.