Bugs Bunny

Remember the last time you saw a human sized rabbit force a grown man to cry like an infant? No, we can't either. Welcome to Loony Tunes!

Not pictured: science or research

Just The Facts

  1. Bugs Bunnys life revolves around eating carrots, getting lost due to misdirection in Albuquerque and generally being a dick
  2. He has frequent interactions with Elmer Fudd, a short bald man with a speech impediment and severe mental disabilities.
  3. When he's not trying to break Elmers spirit/mind, he's tormenting harmless oil tycoon/cowboy/redcoat/basketball player/bounty hunter/Southern Colonel, Yosemite Sam.
  4. Come to think of it, Sam has an extremely short temper. Maybe there's something wrong with him too.
  5. Woah, calm down, we're not saying anger stems from being mentally disabled, but the guy doesn't even have an indoor voice!
  6. Oddly enough, quite a few of Bugs Bunnys "adversaries" have some sort of mental deficiency. Daffy Duck, that big orange monster, Hitler. This all seems like bullying to us.
  7. It's not known if Bugs is a rabbit or a hare, since Bunny can be applied to both animals. We'll let you decide.

Early Appearences

Everything starts somewhere and Bugs Bunny came about in 1938 as an un-named character in a short titled "Porkys Hare Hunt". Following this, he showed up in three more animations, still with no name. Everyone just knew him as "that goofy rabbit who tortures everyone".

If we're honest, we'd punch this guy if he was real

As shown in the video, he still liked dressing up as the opposite sex, but who didn't in the the 1930's? Still, we have to admit, he had a certain charm about him that has obviously been lost in the bowels of time (ha, bowels). However, we're glad he lost that laugh. Who the fuck thought that would work?


A Wild Hare

After multiple appearences in other cartoons, Warner Brothers decided to name the rabbit. However, the name didn't become known until AFTER "A Wild Hare", which is considered to be the first true Bugs Bunny cartoon, due to Mel Blanc using the recognisable voice that we all know and love. Running at 8 minutes and 17 seconds, "A Wild Hare" was released in 1940, starring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.

In the 40's, a woodland creature and a hunter kissing wasn't frowned upon. Not like today.

Elmer Fudd, the antagonist (or protagonist depending on your outlook on life), had gone through a notable change for the release of "A Wild Hare", from photographer to hunter. Unless of course there's a lost story, involving Bugs driving him to insanity and prompting him to go on some sort of whacked out wildlife murder spree. Probably.

The release of "Elmer's Pet Rabbit" gave Bugs his name. The cartoon opens with the typical Looney Toons introduction, followed by the title card. After this, an image of Bugs is shown, with the words "Featuring Bugs Bunny" written underneath. Don't ask us why Elmer buys the rabbit he was trying to kill in the previous film, we don't know the answer. Maybe he was high, we'll never know for sure.

Pictured: The personification of ignorance and lack of common sense

The life and times of Bugs Bunny

Apart from having a serious addicition to carrots, Bugs has managed to stave off death for far longer than regular non-animated rabbits/hares/whatevers. For 70 years, that pesky wabbit has essentially given the Grim Reaper the middle finger, pretty much constantly. Sure, his exploits usually involve enemies who have the brain capacity of a paticularly stupid brazil nut, but hell, if Texas has taught us anything, even idiots can be dangerous with a gun in their hand!

You had it coming, Texas!

Over the years, he's faced countless adversaries, ranging from Hitler to aliens working for a green Danny Devito. Sure, he only played basketball with the aliens, not really life threatening, but there has to be some merit in conquering an invading alien race, right? It's not like he had much help!

"What does this thing do?"

Even Elmer Fudds canadian brother/cousin/whothefuckcares couldn't stop him (and that's saying something)!

A timeless classic. No joke, we really like this cartoon!