While many game studios get popular and gain a following through their games, few are so mysterious as Bungie studios. A veil shrouds almost everything they say and do.

You would need to be close to build a sling shot like that...

Just The Facts

  1. Bungie's real name isn't even bungie.
  2. "Bungie Aerospace" was copyrighted by Bungie studios.
  3. Bungie has a list of steps to world Domination.

Bungie isn't Bungie

For whatever the reason when "Bungie studios" was created they felt the need to have a stage name. Bungie is that name. According to some higher-ups "Bungie" is the punch-line to a dirty joke (despite it not even being a real word), and the only people who know the real name or even the joke itself are the grizzled ancients of the studio, as they are referred to.

So why the secrecy? Why would they go through the trouble of registering both names? Maybe they're just messing with their large fan base. Wait a sec; They registered both names? Yes, that's the only reason we know for certain what their real name is. Thanks to the internet, and a society that feels the need to write everything down somewhere, we know the name. Arte Seven. Sounds a lot more ominous doesn't it? It was found on a roster of high-dolar game studios, and it had the same address as Bungie studios. And it fits in perfectly with their obsession with the number seven.

Bungie Lore

It's almost like memes if nobody knew what they meant. Soffish, Kitchen 8, Ling Ling's head, the Disembodied soul, and of course, the number 7. Soffish is a odd little joke that is a perfect example of randomness.It appears to be a toy ad with a bad translation. But a search of it anywhere will only lead you to it's home site or bungie again. 7, however, appears everywhere. Phrases like "Seven is Darker" or the word Tru7h are often written by Bungie employies on Bungie.net. The list of references in their games is to large to write here, but here are a few: Master Cheif is identified by 117, 343 guilty spark ( 7^3=343), 2401 Penitent Tangent (7^4=2401), the release date of Halo 3 was 09/25/07 (9-2=7; 2+5 =7;0+7=7). The list goes on and on, and I was just talking about HALO.

The Seventh Column

"The Seventh Column is the name of Bungie's official fanclub and underground army". It includes Anyone who has signed up for an account on Bungie.net; so even those of you not interrested in bungie.net, if you decided to check out your halo 3 stats with your own account, and now have an odd symbol next to your Gamer tag, then you too are now ready to be conscripted!

And most of the fanbase enjoys being part of "bungies underground army" far more than the fanclub part. But then who wouldn't when you've played all the games and know the companies real name?

But anyway it's just a joke why would they even need an underground army? Hhehe...

World Domination

... oh...

Yeah Bungie has a list of steps. Seven steps to be precise.

  1. Start independent gaming software company.(completed)
  2. Dominate Mac platform: Launch assault on Windows platform. (completed)
  3. Announce killer gaming title. (Possibly Halo Series, complete)
  4. Acquire strangely addictive Chinese food company. (No proof the contrary)
  5. Recover Ling Ling's head. (Photographic evidence confirms, but why did they lose a dog's head in a game studio?)
  6. Stage bloody coup of new parent company. (Broke away from Microsoft, completed)
  7. Take over World. Shoot enemies into sun with giant slingshot. ( " In progress...")

Bungie Aerospace

Uh... what? Again the only reason we know about it is because it was on an official copyright office website. Officially it's under the same catogory as their other logos. But unless that's going to be the title of their next game, what could they do with this? You know other than constructing a large magnetically accelerated slingshot in orbit.