Brand New

Brand New is the most popular alternative band you've never heard of. They have 4 albums, which are either the greatest things ever or overrated generic crap. They are also the inspiration of countless unfunny "Brand New's brand new album" jokes.

The members of Brand New: the bassist, Handcuffs/Daisy guy, God, the drummer

Deja Entendu, working title

Jesse Lacey makes girls go insane from AbsolutePunk to Youtube

Just The Facts

  1. Brand New had a short feud with Taking Back Sunday. Nowadays, Taking Back Sunday is an aging emo band, and Brand New is the opposite. Well except the aging part. (As far as we know...)
  2. Their 2009 effort Daisy served the dual purpose of being awesome and scaring away emos.
  3. Now, Brand New mention God or religion or something faith-related in every song, and yet somehow we don't know if they're Christian or skeptic. And it's killing us.

Your Favourite Weapon

Released in 2000, this album served the purpose of filling countless "Devil and God" reviews with paragraphs about their evolution. Usually described as a solid pop-punk record, Brand New are now ashamed of this album. However it gave them a key part of their current fanbase: emos who are unwilling to admit that they don't like Brand New anymore because it will make them look shallow. Subject matter on this album includes finishing this album, a number of girls that go to Europe or don't appreciate the Smiths (or Morrissey), masturbating to magazines, and basic multiplication.

Deja Entendu

"Deja Entendu" was the album that lifted Brand New from not-mainstrean to slightly less not-mainstream. They were featured on the soundtracks of two sports videogames with the single "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows", which is either the best song ever or what turned you off Brand New. Regardless, the hockey/golf videogame demographic joined the emo demographic and the legitimate fan demographic, and Jesse Lacey began to hate himself. This would turn out to be a good/better/bad/worse thing for Brand New, because after that Brand New began to rule/not suck/suck/get even fucking worse ROFLMETALZ. Subject matter on this album includes sinking like a stone in the sea, and burning like a bridge for your body.

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

On the third day, God created "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me", and he saw that it was good.


On the fourth day, God took a nap, snored, recorded it, and released it on September 22nd 2009.