Agony In Pink

Proof that Fanfiction is really, really weird. It is a Power Rangers fanfiction that should never be read during work at all. Or if you wish to remain sane.

Just The Facts

  1. Was written by 'The Dark Ranger',
  2. Is a supposed 'erotic fanfiction'.
  3. Requires large amount of sulphuric acid to eyes to get the images out of your head after reading.

The Plot

Not much of a plot, to be honest. More of 'erotic' cold blooded actions being played out against a helpless girl. Whether this is considered good or bad is up to debate.

For more 'erotic', but thankfully not cold blooded actions, fanfiction go to's The 5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction.

It revolves around Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger. She is captured by Lord Zedd and is introduced to his new monster, Tortura. You can see where this going.

Yeah, kinda like this. Only somehow even worse.

It involves, but not limited to, finger cutting, torture, whipping, and mutilation. An example of a scene in this fanfic is where Kimberly has needles, naturally attached to a electrical torture machinery, inserted under her fingernails and toenails and the needles turn red hot and 'burn her nailbeds' while Kimberly screams for mercy.

"Whaaat...?" - artist when asked to draw the scene.

To be fair, torturing Kimberly doesn't take the entire fic. It has the other Power Rangers try to rescue her, but you can tell this isn't going to end well. To spare you the agony (pun intended) of actually believing this will end well, here are spoilers:

She dies after days of pure horror. (Trust me, you'll actually feel glad she's dead when reading this)

The Rangers are sad after they find her body.

Lord Zedd gets away with it.

This is something the kids should not be around with when reading.

Shit. Too late.

The Aftermath

Naturally, Agony In Pink gained notoriety in the internet world for both the contents and the fact it got the newsgroup it was posted on banned from Australia.

I wasn't kidding.

For more information on Australia, and the other crazy things they have there, go to's Australia.

There has been, fortunately or unfortunately, sequels to this work of...something that isn't holy. One titled 'Agony In Yellow', an official sequel made by The Dark Ranger himself that focuses on Ashley's torture. Other sequels include 'Agony In Pink: Special Edition', an unfinished 'Agony In Pink II: To Skin a Kat' and 'Agony In Pink 2: A New Ending'. You can tell this work is his favorite.

There is another one called 'Agony In Red', where the MALE LEADER gets an nasty fate involving penetration and lots of torture, but this was not made by The Dark Ranger.

It was made're right!

It's 4-Chan

While there is a thing on the internet going around called 'snarking', where you add funny commentary in the fanfic itself while it goes on, there has been not a lot of attempts to snark Agony In Pink. Considering the content you have to look through slowly and carefully, it is no surprise.




Any brave volunteers to try?

The Author Himself and His Other Works

Yes, he's done other works than this one. Yes, fear for your childhood and then some.

His other works of fanfiction includes a Star Wars fic called 'The Interrogation of Leia', where the Princess' interrogation takes a whole different (and painful) turn for the worse for her. Another of his works is called 'Holly's Home Invasion', obviously about a mother and daughter being forced to become sex slaves for one day when robbers come into their home.

Nothing else is known about the Dark Ranger other than the facts he likes to write stories like Agony In Pink, and there is nothing else known about him.

The less we know about this guy, the better I believe.