Duel Masters

i admit i was on acid during most of the time i was writing this article, i refuse to rewrite it. any waw duel masters is japanese(which imediatly throws it to the category of things that scare the shit out of me) and it is a rip off of yugioh.

yes they rape the 4th wall

Just The Facts

  1. It is an obvious rip off of the completly fucked up show yu gi oh
  2. i do not like knowing of it's existence i still have to deal with the burden of knowing 4chan exists
  3. i doubt it is japanese but it still scares the fucking shit out of me
  4. the already terrible show loves brutally raping the shit out of the fourth wall

all you need to know

like i said before it is a shameless rip off of yugioh. it calls its elements "civilizations", however it is probably destroying civilization (in a cthulu analogy it is only a toenail tentacle compared to 4chan being the horrid thrusting penis tentacle) as we speak since it is japanese (my soul hurts for that tentacle joke).

the fire civilization is more like robotic nomads and stuff that looks like the love child of a dragon and a helicopter.it also has a giant cyborg viking dude that some how turns into a kid who wears pots and pans he found in the drawers(they also stole pokemons evolution concept and brutally raped it.too many rape jokes?).

the light civilization is made of bullet gods that look like vegetables, starships,angel bots, and floating "trees" that look like what happens after you are done eating an apple.

the water civilization has fucked up shit like computer overlords that kinda look like fetuses, people made of water(what the fuck were you expecting),a "moon" that looks like a cross between las vegas. an eagle,and atlantis, and a cyborg orca.

the nature civilization includes a manbearpig that has sheilds on his arm, cousin itt but with goat horns, and bugs with fortresses on their backs.

finnally the darkness civilization. jut imagine things like jabba the hutt gone zombie, a lion made of bones and a misquito that looks like a virus.

i am done with this god damn topic may god have mercy on the souls of the readers

the horrible show

well aside from the rape and torture of th fourth wall the show is still horrible.and horrible characters

-shobu- the idiot who the show revolves around. he duels for fun(like this shit is fun. moron) . he loves to use the bullshit dragon. i really will go and make shit up becaus im too lazy to type the story.he defeats the bad guys with his cards(that is the only way to fight in anime i guess) and goes to the land of thecards to trap the inhabitants in balls(probably)

-hakouh-his name means white phoenix woman. apparently he was like shobu until a mysterios stranger(possibly pedobear) challenged him to a magic game and almost died. but lost his mother and his soul.

-rekuta- shobu's 3 foot tall nerd freind who claims to know all the rules but never wins. he is also too impotent to activate a magical artifact of darkness or whatever.

-mimi-some clumsy bitch tht is also some gaurdian of whatever.who fucking cares.

-boy george-a little midget who wears sunglasses and a bear costume a pacifire. possibly the shittiest character in history. he also has to change his diaper every 5 minutes.

i thing that covers it.a horrible show being ripped off into another horrible show that is always raping the 4th wall