Women Of The IDF

Every young Israeli citizen is required to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF, if they expect to retain their rights as citizens.

Some are pretty tough.

Some are crazy hot.

Some make you question humanity's hatred for one another entirely.

Just The Facts

  1. Women are required to serve two to three years in the IDF, depending on their job.
  2. All jobs are open to them, including combat arms jobs such as infantry and armor.
  3. If Google Images is telling the truth, 99% of the women in the IDF are incredibly beautiful, and at least somewhat bi-curious.

The organization.

Since its inception, Israel has faced hostility from its neighbors. The Arab powers surrounding tiny little Israel tend to get a bit wily every few years, and decide to invade her. But Israel ain't havin' that shit, no sir. They usually turn around and take a chunk of Arab land. Then they poop everywhere just to show who's boss.

The babes.

Let's get down to business.

No wonder everyone wants a piece of Israel.