The Me Generation

The 'Me' Generation. God's revenge on the Baby Boomers.

Mirror, signal, admire.

Twitter is a callow bitch

Just The Facts

  1. The Me generation, sometimes known as Generation Y, are the biggest bunch of self entitled pricks ever in the history of the world.
  2. Yes, even bigger pricks than the French.
  3. The French 'Me' Generation - don't even think of going there.

What is the 'Me' Generation?

Short answer:

Self centered dicks who blame everything on mummy and daddy.

Slightly longer and less bitter answer:

find the examples - apathy, greed, disinterest, confusion. going to be hard to make funny, but should be worth it.

Link into a couple of wongs and DOB's articles - find some bitter self entitlement on the forums to riff on. This will have to be heavily fact based.