This 1990s 75-issue comic series highlighted the interactions of "classic comic conventions" and other forms of storytelling, both literary and post-modern. Dream is the main character, but he is a bit of a dick.

Desire and Despair

Destiny and Delirium

Dream and Death

Just The Facts

  1. Sandman was my real introduction into comics
  2. Chicks dig Sandman
  3. Professors (even adjuncts) dig Sandman
  4. You can tie in Sandman references to just about any academic paper needed.

Aren't there Seven Endless? 6 does't feel mystical enough

The 7th is "Dog."

Actually, Destruction, who departed to become a cosmic hobo is the 7th "D". He's a redhead and is extremely awesome, but he wasn't introduced in Season of Mists prologue, as the above characters were, so he didn't get the same intro half-sheet. Destruction hung out with a Dog (Barnabas) for a while, who then was passed on to watch over Delirium

List of Storylines/Collections (Trade Paperbacks)

Preludes and Nocturnes - introduces everyone, explains why we haven't seen Sandman before, and then he goes on a quest to find Important Stuff.

Doll's House - questions the nature of reality in variuos ways.

Dream Country - 4 unconnected stories about stories

Season of Mists - Dream goes to Hell for an ex. Satan quits.

A Game of You - Some characters get trapped in a dream (created for another of Sandman's exes.) He meets his next girlfriend.

Fables and Reflections - Some stories of royalty, and backstory into Sandman & Calliope's kid, Orpheus

Brief Lives - Dream and Delirium go on a roadtrip. Mayhem ensues. Destruction goes away for good.

World's End - More stories about stories.

The Kindly Ones - Sandman's going to die.

The Wake - Sandman died - the world endures. The new Sandman takes over.

I'm sure what you wrote in the smiley face graphics was clever, but I can't read small parchment font

Let us pause for a moment, as we start this topic page, to identify the Endless.

Desire is a drama-llama. Due to the 1990s ethos of genderfuck, he or she is in a perpetual state of beautiful flux. Her (or his) Beauty causes painful lust, carelessly aimed.

Desire's soundtrack is preternaturally hip. The wardrobe is crisp perfection; the eyes are golden; the Mary-Sue-ness palpable.

For to see him/her is to want her/him, as the name implies. Yet the series is named Sandman, so Dream is the one in and out of relationships, while Desire remains distant: manipulating Dream, manipulating Gaiman; manipulating everything.


Despair, Desire's sister and twin, is usually naked. Don't get too excited - she's a squat, grey blob, probe to self-mutilation.

Ever feel pointless and know that you are feeling pointless, and know that this knowing is also pointless? Ever feel amazing, and the comforting-when-depressed phrase "This too shall pass" flits through your mind, instantly undoing the goodness? This is the work of Despair.

Apparently, though still Desire's twin, she is the 2nd Despair. Not much is mentioned of her predecessor - perhaps she's merely a plot point to indicate the Endless can indeed end.

Her soundtrack is a half-recorded-over mix tape with indistinguishable lyrics, which felt so true at the time, but are now embarrassing.

Don't think too much about Despair, or you'll become overly aware of the gooey texture of eyeballs.

Destiny is the oldest of the Endless, originating a DC Comics horror anthology in the 1970s. In the beginning was the word, the script, and thus the comic book writer doth assert his primacy, even as our eyes are captivated by the excellent guests artists' work.

He is probably color bind. As Gaiman always dresses all in black, Destiny is all in brown/grey robes, All mazes lead to his labyrinth garden, as all culture's stores are ripe for appropriation for this meta-mythology.

He knows the future(s) and smells of torn-out newspaper articles to read later.

He tells no dick jokes.

He has no soundtrack.

Delirium is the youngest and most changeable of the Endless.

Her costumes are easily adopted by Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Her features regularly change, but she traditionally keeps one eye blue and one eye green, though no relationship with David Bowie is implied.

She writes in crayon and knows the flavors of each name; she is pan-synesthesia and non-sequitor personified. Or Deified. Endlessified?

Her worst curses are to cause mortals to experience the world as she does. Perpetually youngest, her motives are most transparent, and she oven moves Dream's quests forward, with her whims. Fortunately, she later acquires a talking dog to help her function linearly, if needed.

Her soundtrack is all MP3s currently being torrented simultaneously, but once was the precise joy of Bach. Another Endless with a change - not a quitting or a death, but a metamorphosis, mutating her before our planet formed. From Delight to Delirium to... dunno

Dream as series star: ah, there's a Brit.

Tall, and thin, and albino. His ruby-starred eyes somehow seduce women who soon outgrow his petulant posturing: Calliope (a muse), Ealinora (original Queen of "The Land" in A Game of You), Titania (Queen of Faerie - and yes, we' have to spell it that way in Sandman), Thessaly (a mousy-looking multi-millennial witch), and probably more.

Many (ex)girlfriends, many more eccentric employees and associates, many mysterious job titles, but few friends.

His soundtrack, when it occurs to him to play one, mirrors what his listener would most expect to hear.

He is a perpetual adolescent, lingering in tormented broken-up-with-ness. It is said he must change or die. As he's Emo, you can guess how that goes.

And then there is the PerkiGoth